• 2017 Philly Fall Concert Guide

    Happy 2017 Philly fall concert season, everyone! Now, step away from the pumpkin spice and those yoga pants, because it’s time to save those coins as Janet Jackson, Brandy, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Chris Lake, Zedd, Herbie Hancock, ZZ Top, Imagine Dragons, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Kinky Boots, Annie, Kelela, Thomas Gold, Jake Miller, Harry Styles, Marilyn

  • Philly Weekly Entertainment Groove

    Lots to do as we dive a touch deeper and deeper into the official first weekend of fall, like…. …….well, just cut loose and check it out.  Happy weekend!  Sing Your Life Karaoke w/Ms. Sara Sherr Those end of summer blues got you down? Really, how could they with this heat stroke inducing weather we’re

  • Music Tea w/Chase Atlantic

    With their mix of deep and delicious tribal influenced beats, sexy, synth-laced rhythms and undeniable vocal prowess (see:their lavish new E.P. Part Three) Australian based trio Chase Atlantic is hitting everything and everyone in all of the right places with their distinct one-of-a-kind groovy as f@ck sound.  Consisting of brothers Mitchel Cave, Clinton Cave and

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