5 Reasons Why You Should Give ‘Jagged Little Pill’ Another Spin

Last week, I told you guys about a special piece I did for Philly Mag called, ’15 Iconic Albums Turning 20 In 2015,’ which, by the way, will be out very soon…maybe even today.  Let me tell you guys, while putting this iconic list together was an absolute delight, the music that I got to dive into again is what really made this piece that much more special.  In fact, one of those albums that was at the very top of the turning twenty list was the music masterpiece that is Alanis Morissette’s historic album, ‘Jagged Little Pill.’ Words can’t describe the feeling that came over me while I was getting reacquainted with this chart shattering set. In fact, I’ve been getting down to it so much these past few weeks, that I felt as if you guys should be as well. So on that “You Oughta Know” I-hate- Uncle -Joey scream, I’m here to deliver my 5 reasons why you guys should absolutely give Alanis Morissette’s ‘Jagged Little Pill,’ another whirl in your headphones. Dive into my convincing argument below.

1.Because it represented a whole different kind of chart game…..

Released on June 13th, 1995, ‘Jagged’ posted solid numbers from its very humble start-and just kept going and going…and going, where it eventually went on to sell a whopping 33 million copies(!) worldwide. Now, think about it, when’s the last time(besides Adele’s, 21, of course),  that a music artist even came close to selling that many copies of their album. I’m sure you guys remember that ‘Pill’ was released during a time in music where you actually had to go to The Wall, your local record store, or rip off Columbia House to actually get an album to listen to it. Sigh…those were the days. Oh, and another reason ‘Pill’ destroyed all things Billboard music charts? It’s fucking brilliant….

2.Because the music on it still goes down nice and smooth…

When ‘Jagged’ was released twenty years ago, it had a fresh sound like no other album out during its ’90s fly-girl time. With its powerful punches, light rock riffs and loads of those sultry Alanis shrieks we all live for,  all of these elements still make the music on this celebrated set truly memorable. Even listening to it now, Alanis still has a crisp sound that sounds like no other bitch on current radio. The light flow of classic tracks, “Perfect,” “Ironic,” “You Oughta Know” “All I Really Want,” and basically every other song on the album, still make this delightful ‘Pill” easy to swallow after all these years.

3.Because the lyrics still hold their relevance…

I’m not ashamed to say that I certainly go through my dark and twisty “Alanis” days, so whenever I need to write a page in my music diary, I turn to ‘Pill’ for its moving melodies and lethargic lyrics. From “All I Really Want”(“My sweater is on backwards and inside out.” Story of my life),”Hand In My Pocket”(“I’m brave, but I’m chicken shit.”), to “You Learn”(“You Live, you learn.” Truth.) and “Ironic”(“It’s meeting the man of my dreams, then meeting his beautiful wife.” Sigh.), I still get all of my life meanings through the music of Ms. Morrissette. However, if I’m really having one of “those” days where I feel the need to pack up my suitcase, trek across the desert and scratch my nails down someone else’s back, then it’s “You Oughta Know” for life.

4.Because’s it a modern music classic.

At the end of the day, all of the reasons I mentioned above all add up to prove to one thing-that ‘Jagged Little Pill’ is a true modern music classic.  Really, there will be no other album of its kind released in our lifetime that still holds so much depth, meaning, incredible songwriting and top-notch production. It’s also a whirling wonder from start to finish, which is something that most mainstream albums lack as of late. While the album is turning twenty this year, it sure as hell doesn’t sound or feel that way. Rock on…

5.Because you still live for all things Alanis…

Yes, I see you over there, watching all four Alanises in the clip for “Ironic.”(By the way, what IS that one Alanis eating in the backseat?)  I also know that you’re still living on a daily basis for pre-‘Pill’ Canadian pop star Alanis, as she rocks a perm and attempts to do the running man in her early-’90s videos for her sassy singles, “Too Hot,” “Fell Your Love” and “No Apologies” However, we just can’t leave out the mecca of all things Uncle Joey’s ex-her run on the iconic Nickelodeon kids T.V. show, You Can’t Do That On Television. Just don’t say…”I don’t know..” Uh-oh.

If you’re still not convinced yet, dive into the videos from ‘Jagged Little Pill’ and relive all of this delicious mid-’90s music truth.

“You Oughta Know”

“Hand In My Pocket”


“You Learn”

“Head Over Feet”

“Too Hot”

“You Can’t Do That On Television”


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