Here we are, another Monday, and this one is extra “ugh” because of this impending doomsday snowstorm that’s vastly approaching our area. However, my feelings about this aptly named weather bitch,Ms Juno,are this-I’ll believe it when I see it. In the meantime, I’m getting busy serving up some tantalizing tunes that are guaranteed to take you guys miles away from all of this tundra-like talk. So, on that snow shovel scrape, let’s get our Must-Listen-Monday on, shall we?

Kicking things off, we have “FourFiveSeconds,” the Rihanna/Kanye/Paul track that everyone seems to be talking about. I’m all like…..why? It’s an awful song that is already in a memo filed under “Worst songs of 2015.”  Now, I’m always down for an interesting music collaboration, but personally speaking, I would rather get stuck in a room full of women listening to Taylor’s ‘1989’ set, then ever have to hear this music garbage landfill ever again. Luckily for us, the leaked RiRi track isn’t the lead single from her upcoming R8 set, so let’s hope that she pulls a music ‘Men In Black’ on us by delivering some killer tunes that help us all forget that this disaster ever happened in the first place. For those who haven’t heard this ratchet music mess, I’ve posted it below so you can hear what all of the unnecessary hype is about…

Cruising down the list, I’ve included the disco-licious, “Hold Me Hand,” which is belted to perfection by Clean Bandit/”Rather Be” diva, Jess Glynne. I’ve also got a fun JRMX remix of Kelly C’s almost-there-but-not-quite, “Heartbeat Song,” an explosive new track from Kid Ink called, “Be Real,” and also “Done,” a seductive stomper mixed up by NYC DJ Ryan Skyy featuring vase-shattering vocals by disco diva, Niki Darling.  All of these bangers await you, plus so much more. Dive in and happy “Must-Listen-Monday!”

Rihanna/Kanye/Paul McCartney/”FourFiveSeconds”

Jess Glynne/”Hold My Hand”

Ella Henderson/”Mirror Man”

Audrey Rose/Remy Ma/Fetty Wap/”Ice Cream”

Ryan Skyy/Niki Darling/”Done”

Kelly Clarkson/”Heartbeat Song” (JRMX remix)

Britney Spears/”Conscious” (a just released demo from the ‘In The Zone’ era.)

Kid Ink/Dej Loaf/”Be Real”

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