“Forgot About Friday”/Mya

I have to tell you guys, I certainly had a music heart attack this week. No, it’s not because Justin Bieber finally came out of hiding on Ellen, it’s because of an article brought to my attention featured on about now defunct R&B diva, Mya. Yes, in this eye-popping piece, it goes on a fabulous trip down music memory lane on how Ms. M was one of the biggest female music divas in the late-’90s and early ’00s(Hello, “Lady Marmalade”), and is now….. working the pole for the evening at Miami strip club, G5ive. While Ms. Thing did keep her clothes on, from what I saw…she was certainly makin’ it rain. Sigh….seeing this just breaks my music heart, because for one, Mya was indeed a force to be reckoned with on the pop charts back in the day, and two, seeing that video of her shakin’ that ass at the titty joint makes me realize that she truly is forgotten about these days. So, on that case-of-the-one-dollar-bills, let’s get out “Forgot About Friday” on, shall we?

Mya Harrison (named after the late Maya Angelou) launched her debut record, ‘Mya’ in ‘early 98. The bedroom set was pulsatingly packed with Mya’s smoky vocals and tasty top notch late-’90s production, with all-star hitmakers Missy Elliot, Babyface, Diane Warren and Dru Hill (see you soon, guys!) all lending their talents. Lead single, “It’s All About Me,” got it all over the charts, and when it comes to this tantalizing number, I will always musically get it up. Following “Me,” she released two more singles, the bouncing, “Movin’ On”(#youknowIwearsizea4) and the seductive, “My First Night With You,” and with each single slinking its way up the Billboard charts, our girl Mya was everywhere. Oh, and we just can’t forget her movie soundtrack hits, first in ’98 with the dearly departed O.D.B on “Ghetto Superstar,” from the Warren/Halle film, ‘Bulworth’, and then there’s also “Take Me There,” her gummy groove from the ‘Rugrats Movie’ featuring none other than Ma$e and Blackstreet. Yes, I know………….

Despite all of her success in the late-’90s, Mya really snatched some music weave in the early-’00s with her second set, ‘Fear Of Flying.’ While the Jadakiss assisted lead single, “Best Of Me,” did moderately well on the charts, it didn’t meet expectations, with some deeming Ms. Mya in the midst of a “sophmore slump” at the time. But, alas, a little song came along called “Case Of The Ex(Whatcha Gonna Do,” which became her biggest smash, landing at #2 on the charts, and let’s face it, it was this song that got her on the behemoth ’01 number that was her Xtina, Pink, Lil’ Kim, Missy collabo,  “Lady Marmalade.” Just sayin..

Following, ‘Flying,” Ms. Harrison released her third album, ‘Moodring,’ and while luscious lead single(and fantastic video), “My Love Is Like Whoa..,” was a moderate smash, no other hits were released from the (vastly underrated) set, and soon the music struggle would be real for our one-time music boo.  While Mya did get the acting bug, appearing in films, ‘Chicago’, ‘Shall We Dance,’ and, ugh, ‘Dirty Dancing:Havana Nights,’ it was after her appearance on season nine of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ that she soon fell off the face off the music globe…

I have to tell you guys, after watching that ratchet video, I’m not going to throw music shade at Ms. Mya. Upon my dive into my music vault this morning, I found three delicious tracks of hers that I myself had forgotten about, and they’re absolutely amazing. The first is her whirling Jay-z remix of “Best of Me,” which is just……joint. Then there’s also “Free,” a yummy ditty from the Jamie Foxx ’01 box office bomb, ‘Bait’ and also “Fabulous Life,” a skates-laced-up disco romp from her 2011 set, ‘Sugar & Spice.’ Never heard of that album? That’s because it was only released in Japan. Sigh…I rest my headphones. Dive in.

“Best Of Me”(ft. Jay-z)


“Fabulous Life”

“It’s All About Me”(ft. Dru Hill)

“Movin On”

“Ghetto Superstar”

“Take Me There”

“Case Of The Ex(Whatcha Gonna Do)”

“Lady Marmalade”


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