“Must-Listen-Monday”/2015 Grammy Nominees

Happy Monday, kids! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m more worn out than Katy Perry’s dancing sharks from her Super Bowl halftime performance last night. Judging by what I’ve seen from everyone’s social media posts, I think we can all sum up Ms. Perry’s saucy spectacle in two words-Missy Elliot. Oh, the joy that came over me seeing Ms. Misdemeanor make her long awaited comeback as her and her six-foot weave performed classic joints,  “Work It,” “Get Ur Freak On” and “Lose Control.” Be still my early-’00s heart!  Now that Missy is back in our lives, I promise you guys that it’s only the beginning of it all, because tomorrow, we will be living that Missy life in a very flip-it- and-reverse it “5 Reasons Why” segment. For now, we’re going to dive in and head straight to the music Super Bowl-the Grammy awards. So on that, “why wasn’t I nominated for best new artist?” frustration, let’s get our “Must-Listen-Monday” on, shall we?

Without giving all my sonnet secrets away, I can tell you guys that I have some delectable Grammy treats lined up all week long. What I will say is that you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and most importantly-you’ll dance. Yes, this Sunday’s 57th annual Grammy awards looks to be quite the show with performances on the horizon from Madonna, Ariana Grande, Usher, Sia and Hozier, just to name a handful. Of course, besides the dazzling performances, the most important part is just who the hell is going to win it all. So, for today’s Grammy themed “Must-Listen -Monday,” I put up the nominees in a special Spotify playlist, but first, I decided to be a bold music bitch and make my predictions on who will snatch up Record, Song and Album of the Year, as well as just who I think will take home the coveted Best New Artist trophy.  By the way, if Iggy Azalea wins that one….I quit. Dive in and get your Grammy “Must-Listen-Monday” on below.

Record Of The Year

Iggy Azalea/Charli XCX/”Fancy”


Sam Smith/”Stay With Me”-Should Win

Taylor Swift/”Shake It Off”-Will Win

Meghan Trainor/”All About That Bass”

No, I’m not losing my mind. If there was a record released last year that just destroyed everything in its path, it certainly was “Shake It Off” by Ms. Swift. However, don’t worry too much about Mr. Smith because I have a feeling he’ll be snatching up Grammy awards left and right this Sunday in his other respective categories (6!)he’s nominated in.

Song Of The Year

Meghan Trainor/”All About That Bass”-Will Win


Taylor Swift/”Shake It Off”

Sam Smith/”Stay With Me”

Hozier/”Take Me To Church”-Should Win

This is another category that I think Mr. Smith will be shut out of, only because Ms. Trainor deserves this one because let’s face it, she wrote a damn catchy tune with “All About That Bass.” Also, the fact that she is continuing on to prove herself in the music industry will most likely sway Grammy voters her way. However, if there’s going to be an upset this Sunday, the awards will go to Hozier’s powerful tune, “Take Me To Church.” Guess we’ll have until Sunday to find out!

Best New Artist

Sam Smith-Will Win &Should Win



Iggy Azalea-No.

Brandy Clark(?)

Is there really any contest in this category? Like I said, if Iggy wins this one…I’m outta here.

Album Of The Year

Sam Smith-‘In The Lonely Hour’-Will Win & Should Win


Ed Sheeran-‘X’

Beck-‘Morning Phase’

Pharell Williams-‘G.I.R.L’

Another category that is Sam Smith all the way. That’s all.

For much more Grammy nominees, dive in below.

2015 Grammy Nominees

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