Grammy Performance of the Day/Macklemore/Ryan Lewis/Madonna/Mary Smith/Queen Latifah/”Same Love”

Wow, this…performance. I can honestly say that I truly can’t find the words to describe the absolute joy (and tears) that came from watching Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ take on their tear-jerking hit, “Same Love,” at last year’s Grammy awards.  The duo had already won four trophies that night, but it was this performance that truly cemented them as the Grammy MVP’s of the evening. Just hearing Macklemore spit his meaningful lyrics along with the lovely Mary Smith belting the powerful chorus of “Same Love” was already moving in itself, but when they brought out Queen Latifah to marry 34 couples on stage while Ms. Madonna joined them singing her hit, “Open Your Heart,” well, pass the Kleenex, please.

That night it didn’t matter if you were gay, straight, black or white, it was about one thing and one thing only-love for all. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s really all about, right? As an out-and-proud gay man, I look at this moment as not only being incredibly lifting and magical, but also as a huge step forward for the equal rights fight in our country. While we’ve come a long way with equality since this pulsating performance, it’s no secret that the U.N.I.T.Y struggle is still alive and kicking. However, it’s performances like this one that make the fight just a bit easier to deal with. Really, if you aren’t moved by this memorable music moment in time, you clearly have no fucking soul. Dive in and relive the “Same Love” Grammy magic provided by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and prepare to be moved once again. Love for all.


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