10 Essential Record of the Year Grammy Winners

1.Domenico Modugno/”Nel Blu Dipnto Di Blu (Volare)” (1959)

Now, this a music #TBT if we ever heard one. Modugno’s Italian sonnet was the first recipient of this award, also becoming the first song to win in the “Song of the Year” category that night as well.  Fun Fact-Originally called the Gramophone awards, the Grammys came to light after Hollywood Walk of Fame executives felt the need to give those in the music industry some high class recognition by not only honoring them with an award, but also throwing them a high octane event for them like the Emmys and the Oscars.

2.Frank Sinatra/”Strangers in the Night” (1967)

While Mr. Sinatra holds the record for most nominations in this category with seven, this was his one- and- only win. Another fun fact,  Paul Simon holds the record for most wins for Record of the Year with three for his smash hits, “Mrs. Robinson, “Bridge Over Trouble Water” and “Graceland.”

3.Roberta Flack/”The First I Ever Saw Your Face” (1973)

Go ahead, Ms. Roberta. Not only did Ms. Flack hit it big this year, but she also won the following year for her other signature tune,  “Killing Me Softly With His Song.” For the next thirty years, she would hold this record solo until U2 won back-to-back in ’01 and ’02 for “Beautiful Day” and “Walk On.”

4.Kim Carnes/”Bette Davis Eyes” (1982)

After spending a whopping nine weeks at #1, this classic ’80s wonder won both Record and Song of the Year that night, and rightfully so-it’s one of the best songs of that decade. Hands down.

5.Michael Jackson/”Beat It” (1984)

Surprisingly, this is the only MJ song to win in this particular category.  All the more reason that this classic jam will always be one of Michael’s signature tracks.


6.Whitney Houston/”I Will Always Love You”(1994)

Do we REALLY need to say anything about this one?


7.Celine Dion/”My Heart Will Go On” (1999)

Another one we don’t need to say too much about, because we know that most of you still know the ‘Titanic’ dialogue infused version of Celine’s chest-pounding tune word-for-word. #illneverletgo


8.Norah Jones/”Don’t Know Why” (2003)

Remember when Norah Jones was a force to be reckoned with in the music industry? Not only she did she win this trophy that night, she also won four other awards that night including Best New Artist. Okay, so now you see why writing “Forgot-About-Friday” can be so painful sometimes? Sigh…

9.Adele/”Rolling in the Deep” (2012)

Seems like a million years ago, doesn’t it? However, somehow, “Deep” still rips our hearts out upon every glistening listen.


10.Daft Funk/Pharell Williams/”Get Lucky” (2014)

While Lorde was the front runner in this category that night, Daft Punk & friends funked everyone’s night up by snatching their well deserved trophy for their monster jingle.

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