Your Official Valentine’s Day Playlist

Jamie Cullum “Love Ain’t Gonna Let You Down”

When Cullum sings the third refrain…you are certain that this will be it. This is the best feel good love song of this century. And it’s perfectly produced. Raw and packed with punch.

U2 “In A Little While”

My buddy played this at his wedding. It was an important song to him. And to me as I felt a lot from it. Such a simple beautiful track. “slow down my beating heart.”

Beck “Think I’m In Love”

This track speaks perfectly at how people feel when getting into a relationship. Maybe they’ve been burned too many times, maybe they’ve never been burned, maybe they just don’t know. This is the 2nd or 3rd date song when you’re not really sure what the intentions are or how to progress…”probably lay my head on a wooden floor, tell her I was tired from working the store, counting all the cash from an old shoe box, saving up to buy her something she wants…I think I’m in love but it makes me kinda nervous to say so.”

Jack Johnson “Better Together”

I don’t know about you but the moments that I’ve been able to share with someone special (even a friend) have been the most rewarding, satisfying, and important feel good moments of my life. This is my mantra in a world so asphyxiated with social media and being a part and being insecure…cherish the moments you spend together. That’s all you’ll remember in the end.

Weezer “Devotion”

It’s not until the 2nd verse that you really see what this song is all about. “I commend your stubbornness…without it we’d never get this far. I am done with perfection. Unlike you, she isn’t true. You never gave up devotion waiting for me, you’ll always be my girlfriend. I’ll always be your friend…” Sometimes people are just…waiting for you to take control…grab the opportunity before it’s gone.

Coldplay “Sky Full Of Stars”

Out of all of Coldplay’s catalog it’s this song that I think perfectly hits home while still being palatable and beautiful at the same time.

Of Montreal “An Eluardian Instance”

It’s this song as a whole that makes me feel uplifted, and carefree, and makes me want to love unconditionally. “Does she know that I am not just searching for some first time high?”

Billy Joel “I Go To Extremes”

Put this on in the car, roll the windows down, blare them, and scream along. Everybody goes to extremes for love. And it’s chaos. And it’s heartbreak. And it takes you high. And it takes you low. And it’s an insanely awesome feeling: life !

Foster The People “I Would Do Anything For You”

The carefree, nostalgic, mysterious love song. You’re in that moment of transcendence when you finally focus on the intention and the emotions and you wake up and realize ‘you messed up’.

 Mute Math “You Are Mine”

Another great underrated track, ‘You Are Mine’ is about anyone or anything that you appreciate and hold with high regard. I feel safe when I listen to this song. Like I belong or someone belongs. “Everyone has their obsession, consuming thoughts, consuming time. They hold high their prized possessions, it defines the meaning of their lives. You are mine…There are objects of affection that can mesmerize the soul. There is always one addiction that just cannot be controlled. You are mine…”

Billy Joel “To Make You Feel My Love”

There are so many different versions of this but this, in my opinion, is the best of all of them. Just like Cullum’s track, this one features a striking performance on the drums, the organs, the harmonica. It’s blues at it’s most palatable, and arguably one of Billy’s best vocal performances on record. Plus…it’s one of the best love songs ever written.

Nirvana “Aneurysm”

One of the band’s most underrated gems, quite possibly the most in-your-face of all of Kurt’s lyrics, and the most interesting guitar and vocal arrangement the band ever did. Other than ‘Heart Shaped Box’, this will be the closest we ever get to a love song by Kurt. “love you so much it makes me sick…beat it beat it out of me…she keeps the pumping straight to my heart…” (I don’t even need to go there). This song exemplifies the rawest, most striped down, strangest type of love song you’ll ever hear.’’

Foster The People “Nevermind”

Please…read into me: “Well let’s take off from the start. I know you tried all this before and did your best to fight the war and break it off. Would it take a shooting star to show that life can bloom when something breaks? And when the pieces fall, I’ll catch them all.” Foster sings as a positive force trying to heal your heart. But then he shows a generation’s true colors in the next few lines: “It’s hard to know the truth in this post-modernist view where absolutes are seen as relics and laughed out of the room. I cried wolf so many times I’m afraid of what you want from me. My mind’s a minefield of direction, it’s honestly deceptive…” Then coming back down to make you realize…everything will play out and be okay in the end…”Nevermind what you’re looking for, you’re gonna find what you’re looking for…”

The Beach Boys “God Only Knows”

The epitome of love.

Foo Fighters “Walking After You”

No matter what you say or do…Dave is coming with you.

The Airborne Toxic Event “The Graveyard Near The House”

A confession. A story. An introspection. It tells the truth of fairy tales. “And bye to all this dog-eared innocence. I can’t pretend that I can tell you what is going to happen next or how to be. But you have no idea about me. Sometimes you seem so strange to me I must seem strange to you. We’re like two actors playing our parts. Did you memorize your lines ‘cause I didn’t.” But it’s the last lines of the song (which is the last song on the album) that is brilliance: “It’s better to love whether you win or lose or die. It’s better to love and I will love you til I die.”

Elton John “The One”

One of the more rare EJ songs of the 90s where he actually plays piano. A song that could’ve been really cheesy but the production and arrangement carried it to a whole other place. This is the moment that you realize why you’re here in this world…the moment you’ve found someone worth more than anything you could ever have imagined. Your whole world has changed.

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