Kickstarter Jam of the Day/Missy Elliot/”I’m Really Hot”

I know I can speak for everyone this morning when I say, “Brrrrr…” Also, the fact that it’s Monday only adds more salt to our already frozen wounds. However, Philly Mixtape says not to worry, because today, we’re here to serve up a spicy new segment called, “Kickstarter Jam of the Day,” that is sure to warm you guys right up on this oh-so-polarized Monday. Every day, I’ll be putting up a fabulous tune that is guaranteed to have more jolt in it then your morning cup of coffee and get you guys ready to face the day. Even better than that, we’ll be adding them to a special Spotify playlist, so you guys can dive in and get kickstarted anytime of the day…or night, if that’s your thing…

Kicking things off is a little underrated gem called, “I’m Really Hot,” delivered fresh from the music kitchen by Ms. Missy Elliot off of her ’03 album “This Is Not A Test.” One listen to its sizzling beat, and you are guaranteed to forget about the iceberg-straight-ahead conditions that await you outside today. So, on that Timbaland produced banger, dive into your first Philly Mixtape kickstarter jam of the day and warm up to “I’m Really Hot.” Also, be sure to stay tuned to what is shaping up to be a fiery week on the site. Go.


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