5 Reasons Why We’re Ready for a Christina Aguilera Music Comeback

Earlier today, it was announced that shrieking starlet Christina Aguilera has signed on to play a country singer on ABC’s hit show, “Nashville.” According to Rolling Stone, XXXtina will play the familiar role of a pop diva, “but one who comes to Music City and realizes her heart is in country.” The Grammy snatching chanteuse has acted before, playing herself in ‘Get Him to the Greek,” and more famously, stealing scenes from Cher in ‘Burlesque.’ Personally speaking, well, it’s no secret, Christina isn’t the greatest actress, but I think a stint on ‘Nashville’ is a smart move for her, that seems to be lodged with another move-making her grand return to music form. It’s also no secret that the “Genie” songstress has had some chart trouble these past few years, watching her last studio efforts, ‘Bionic’ and ‘Lotus,’ frustratingly flatline on the album charts. However, throw in her upcoming return to the judge’s chair on NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ and the fact that she is indeed working on a new studio set (presumably called Blonde), and it looks like our girl is getting poised to snatch some comeback wigs. I know that I’m certainly ready to see Christina once again on top of the charts, aren’t you guys? In fact, rubbing the genie out of my music bottle, I came up with 5 reasons why in fact we’re all ready to see Christina in fine diva form once again. Dive in and get dirrty…

1.Girlfriend can still belt it out like no other…

Whether soaring on uptempo ditties like “Dirrrrty” or “Come on Over,” or using her vocal range to perfection on ballads like “Beautiful,” “You Lost Me,” and last year’s whimsical, “Say Something” with A Great Big World, Ms. Aguilera has proved to be a vocal force to be reckoned with, even after all of these years. You guys have heard what’s on radio these days? Is there any voice out there right now that can truly compare to Christina’s? I think not.

“Say Something”

2.It’s way too long since she destroyed the charts…

Flashback to the late-’90s and early -00s, where Christina was bulldozing the charts, delivering smash singles and platinum albums. These days? Eh, not so much. Her last two efforts, 2010’s ‘Bionic ‘and 2012’s ‘Lotus’ sold around 600, 000 copies-combined. In comparison, Iggy Azalea’s ‘The New Classic’ has sold almost that much by itself. Sigh….

“Come on Over(All I Want Is You)”


3.We need to the erase the memory of “Feel This Moment” out of our heads…

While Christina delivered pure bliss on “Say Something,” her duet with Pitbull on his EDMess, “Feel This Moment,” was just…ugh. The fact that she even had to link up with Pitbull to score a top ten hit even added more salt to our “Beautiful” wounds. Let’s hope “Mr. 3000” is nowhere near her next set…….please.


4.Because she gave us a groovy gem called “Let There Be Love” that no one cared about….

A few years ago, Christina delivered an incredible dance track called, “Let There Be Love,” off of her ‘Lotus’ album, and for some reason, it wasn’t released as a single. (“Your Body”=yas.) While the track does have your typical crunchy organic dance beat, Christina’s punchy and powerful vocals laced throughout it just make it one of her best records to date. If you haven’t heard this pulsating tune, I’ve posted it below, and trust me, it will certainly tide you over until Xtina delivers her next tantalizing music treat.

5.She deserves it.

It’s also no secret that Christina has been through a world of ups-and-downs in her almost two decade career (remember that time she looked like Dee Synder of Twisted Sister for a minute? Eek!), however, these days she seems fabulously put together and seems to be really enjoying life as a working mamadukes  of two. Plus, she gave us “Genie In a Bottle,” and tell me you don’t owe her your life and your summer vacations for that one. So, I say, c’mon and let her out into the music world once again. The “Dirty” bitch certainly deserves it.

“Genie in a Bottle” 



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