5 Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now/”Throwback Thursday” Edition

By now, you guys have noticed that there are some new features on the page this week with the additions of your “Kickstarter Jam of the Day” and daily dose of “Mixtape Music News.” Today, we’re going to be adding another new segment called “5 Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now,” however, there’s a bit of a twist to it-you never know when it will pop up. I may just bring you 5 new albums on “Must Listen Monday,” dance albums on “Rewerk Wednesday,” or long-lost sets on “Forgot About Friday.” For today’s jump off, I’m serving up 5 albums that all have the makings of a delightful music “Throwback Thursday.” As much as I absolutely love diving into all things new music, there’s nothing I love better than getting reacquainted with some of my old favorites. Today, I’m throwing back some of those classic sets, and I have a feeling that it just may be more “TBT” lovin’ than you guys can handle. Want to hear what they are? You just have to dive in below.

Spice Girls/’Spice’

I have a feeling that I’m not the only one who still listens to this prismatic set on a regular basis. While I’m still absolutely mad for singles, “Wannabe,” “Say You’ll be There,”  and “2 Become 1,” it’s ‘Spice’ hidden gems  “Last Time Lover,” “Something Kinda Funny,” “If  U Can’t Dance” and “Love Thing” that still have me calling all of my friends over for a Spice Girls slumber party. Oh, and if you don’t get all flustered with motherly emotion after hearing the acoustic laced groove, “Mama,” you clearly have no fucking soul. Sigh….these gals get me every time with that one….

Paula Abdul/’Spellbound’

While I could certainly listen to Paula’s ’87 debut set, “Forever Your Girl” all day, however, I tend to lean towards the more underrated grooves on her second album, “Spellbound.” Lead single, “Rush, Rush” is no doubt one of the greatest summer songs of all time (summer of ’91 and Keanu Reeves…never forget), and other singles “Promise of a New Day,” “Blowing Kisses in the Wind,” and the cheeky, “Vibeology” and “Will You Marry Me,” are just as good. However, this sultry studio set just wouldn’t be complete without other gems, “Rock House,” “To U” and my personal favorite, “My Foolish Heart.” I think you should indeed rush, rush over to iTunes and press play on this album once again.


Beyonce/’Dangerously in Love’

So, heard any Beyonce news lately? Is the sky blue? Between the Grammys, Kanye (fucking…ugh) and her recent destruction of that now infamous Stevie Wonder medley, Ms. Bey simply just keeps on destroying everything in her path. While I do enjoy (some) of her more recent work, there’s truly nothing Bey-tter than her ’03 debut, ‘Dangerously in Love.’ Singles, “Crazy in Love,” “Me, Myself and I” and “Naughty Girl” still get to werk today, and other delectable album grooves, “Be With You,” “Hip Hop Star,” “Dangerously in Love part 2” and “Signs” (Hey, Missy!) still make ‘Dangerously’ her best record to date. But, if there’s one single that stands miles above the rest is “Crazy” follow up, “Baby Boy,” with Sean Paul. Not only do I wonder what the fuck happened to him, but I also wonder, when’s the last time you guys bumped this underrated Bey-nger? I bet it’s been awhile….

Various Artists/’Ultimate Hip Hop Dance Party 1998′

Remember when compilation albums ruled all of us ’90s kids worlds? (Hello, ‘Jock Jams’) Well, this bumpin’ set was-and still is-one of my favorites. From Lil Kim, Junior Mafia, LL Cool J, the Notorious B.I.G and Wu-Tang Clan, this compilation album holds many classic Hip-hop artists and tracks. Even R&B divas Deborah Cox, Monica, Faith Evans and Tony! Toni! Tone! are along on this delightful throwback ride. My personal favorite is “No One Else” by delectable ’90s R&B trio, Total. Sigh….life (and music) seemed so much easier back-in-the-’90s-day, now didn’t it? If you are interested in adding this to your music collection, you can go right here. I have a feeling you just want to…

The Source Presents:’Hip-Hop Hits:Volume 1′

Much like Biggie’s mom, I always smile when I’m in up in the Source, especially when it comes to this classic Hip-hop compilation. While ‘Ultimate’ is a grimy mix of R&B and Hip-hop, this stunning catalog contains some of the best Hip-hop tracks and artists that ever hit mid-’90s urban radio-Puff Daddy, Foxy Brown, Biggie, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, The Firm(!), Outkast…an that’s just half of the album. If you need me, I’ll be blazing up and diving into EPMD’s classic banger, “Da Joint.” It’s simply…da best.


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