Jay Z’s Just Found His 100th Problem

Watch out, Blue Ivy! It looks as if someone else is after that “billion dollars on an elevator.” According to, Beyonce’s baby daddy Jay Z had a love child twenty-one years ago, and Jay is now blocking all efforts to prove that the boy is indeed his legitimate son.  The name of the boy in question is twenty-one year old Rymir Satterwaite, whose mother Wanda claims that she hooked up with Jay back-in- the -’90s day, before he was a global superstar and before he crossed money pit paths with ‘Beyonce.’ The website also goes on to say that, “Rymir and Lillie Coley-who calls herself his legal guardian-say in a civil suit…Jay Z (real name Shawn Corey Carter) submitted fraudulent information to the court…to intentionally torpedo Rymir’s paternity claim.” The site isn’t clear on what exactly the smudged info is, but there are reports that Jigga is refusing to take a paternity test. Oh, and guess what? Satteerwaite is, you guessed it, an aspiring rapper.


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