“Philly Mixtape Music Tea” w/ Gedeon Luke

What do music acts Sly Stone, Al Green and the Beatles all have in common? Well for one, they are all each amazing classic music artists, and two, they all make up the ingredients that keep sultry soul singer Gedeon Luke’s music mojo going. From Memphis to Philly, Mr. Luke’s artistic endeavors show no boundaries, and along with his band, The People, he keeps on moving through the trials of life with plenty of heart, soul, and of course, lots of love. Gedeon was kind enough to take some time out of his crazy schedule (he played the Brooklyn Bowl right before our little chat) to answer some questions for Philly Mixtape, where he chatted about his Philly ties, plans for the future and the one album that he absolutely can’t live without. What to know what it is? You just have to dive in and get to know Gedeon Luke to find out.

PM-Kicking things off, tell me about your experience playing at the Brooklyn Bowl last night.

GL-Last night was like a spiritual revival. At times it felt like I was in church. With love being the main reason we play, I’m always glad to see smiles on all of the peoples faces when they are all on one accord dancing and clapping their hands. It was indeed another spectacular night!

PM-Now, you have some Philly ties, particularly South Philly. Tell everyone a little about that.

GL-Philly is my second home. I was born and raised in Memphis, but have been coming to Philly since I was born. I usually spend most of my time on Apostolic Square on 22nd and Bainbridge streets, where my church is. A lot of my friends and family are from the church and we spend a lot of time on South Street eating Philly Cheesesteak hoagies and talking about good news and good soul music.

PM-What are your favorite parts of Philly? Any favorite hot spots?

GL-Everywhere you go in Philly you are bound to have a good time. After all, it’s the city of Brotherly Love! I do love hanging at the World Cafe on Chestnut and also anywhere where there’s good cheesesteaks and rockin Philly soul music.

PM-Okay, let’s talk music. In your own words, describe your sound and style to everyone..

GL-Being from Memphis, you hear a lot of music. The birthplace of Rock n’Roll and the home of R&B, there have been so many artists that I’ve been influenced by. Along with the many struggles and hardships in life, all of these things make up the person you are. My style is like a stew. Add 1lb of Elvis, Al, Jackie, Otis, James, Curtis, Zeppelin and The Beatles. Add 1 tablespoon of bitter & sweet memories. Then add 2lbs of love. Stir it up and you will get me, a Memphis soul stew! I like to say I’m undefined. A mix of funk, rock, gospel, pop, soul, blues, and R&B!

PM-Shout out for me one album you can’t live without and why…

GL-Al Green/’Lets Stay Together’
This album I can’t live without along with a million more. Let’s just say when Al Green sings the gospel of love,it gets me every time. His interpretation of words and the way he sings is very personal, giving the listener the ability to step into Al’s world. Whenever I play this record, it reminds me of Saturday mornings when mama would cook bacon, eggs, grits, pancakes and toast while the family listened to ‘Let’s Stay Together’ on vinyl. This record will forever be apart of my soul.

PM-If you have one artistic trait that you felt like you needed to work on, what would it be?

GL-There’s always room to show more love!

PM-Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

GL-I don’t know where that place would be physically, but I see myself happy spiritually and mentally 10 years from now.

PM–One last question, what would you say to someone who’s just starting out in this crazy music business?

GL-Faithfulness is key. No matter what, Stay faithful!

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