10 Unforgettable Oscar Music Moments

Tomorrow night, the 87th annual Academy Awards will be unleashed on ABC, and while it will be exciting to dive into the fashion, gossip and to see what host Neil Patrick Harris has up his polished sleeve, let’s face it, the Oscars can be sometimes be a big ol’ snoozefest. The predictions are made way in advance (not to mention the 45 other awards shows leading up to the Oscars), meaning that we will have to sit through hours of various sound awards being given out just to see Julianne Moore finally win her first Oscar for ‘Still Alice.” However, lucky for us, there are a handful of musical performances laced throughout the night, and those are ones that we certainly can’t predict what’s going to happen on that coveted Oscar stage. This year will be no different, as John Legend, Common, Rita Ora, Tim McGraw, Maroon 5 and Tegan and Sara are all set to perform tomorrow night. To get you guys hyped up for the big event, I’ve rounded up ten musical performances that all have one thing in common-they’re unforgettable. Dive in below.

Michael Jackson/”Ben” (1973)

At the young age of 14, MJ stole the show that night, singing his tender ballad about a boy and his pet rat. Who would’ve thought that this performance would not only give Michael his first #1 single without the Jackson 5, but it would also foreshadow his reign into being the King of Pop. Truly breathtaking. If you haven’t watched this one in awhile, now is the time.

Madonna/”Sooner or Later” (1991)

While host Billy Crystal introduced Madonna’s performance as the “NC-17 portion of our show,” the Material Girl surprised the crowd, slinking around the stage in an all white gown and pretty much knocking this performance into a league of its own. The Stephen Sondheim penned  ‘Dick Tracy’ tune won the award for Best Original Song that night, oh, and this was also the year that Madge brought Michael Jackson as her date to the show…

Bruce Springsteen/”Streets of Philadelphia” (1994)

Chilling…mesmerizing….captivating. Those are just a few words used to describe Mr. Springsteen’s performance of his ‘Philadelphia’ tune. Looking poised in an elegant suit, Springsteen stole the show, taking home the Oscar and having everyone in the world reaching for a Kleenex at the same time-and you certainly will when you watch it again.

Celine Dion/”My Heart Will Go On” (1998)

Those that were around in the winter of ’98 know that ‘Titanic’ fever was everywhere, and so was Celine’s chest pounding tune from the film. (Admit it, you still…never let go) Backed by a full orchestra, Ms. Dion rightfully earned her award that night, especially during the song’s powerful middle breakdown. One rewatch of this mesmerizing number will certainly have you thinking iceberg straight ahead…with a couple of chest pounds along the way.

Bjork/”I’ve Seen It All” (2001)

Yes, THAT dress. However, despite all the buzz from her unfashionable flock, Bjork somehow managed to make people forget (for three minutes) that she indeed had a swan draped around her neck that night. Despite the critical backlash of her Oscar, um, outfit, Bjork still holds the crown for being the only music artist to ever wear poultry to the Oscars…

U2/”The Hands That Built America” (2003)

While the Irish rockers lost the award that night, they delivered quite a rockin’ performance of their ‘Gangs of New York’ tune. Also, the montage of immigrants traveling to Ellis Island created quite a backdrop while Bono was belting out “Hallelujah.” Who did they lose to that year? The one-and-only Eminem, as he snatched the Oscar for a little tune called, “Lose Yourself.”

Three Six Mafia/”It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp” (2006)

What do Three 6 Mafia and the Academy Awards have in common? Absolutely nothing. So when they took home the Oscar for Best Original Song(from ‘Hustle & Flow), they absolutely stunned the world. Say what you want, but this performance was one-of-kind for not only recreating the movie’s rough-and-tough setting, but for ‘Flow’ co-star Taraji P. Henson who also joined the rappers on stage that night. Although we try to believe it’s not true, but the group that rapped about sizzurp are Academy Award winners.

Beyonce/Jennifer Hudson/”Dreamgirls Medley” (2007)

Perhaps the most diva-licious Oscars performance of all time, Ms. Bey and Ms. Hud certainly brought the heat to the stage that night. While many of us were dying to see which diva would shine the brightest, each of the ‘Dreamgirls’ gals had their chance to shine performing “Love U I Do,” “Listen” and “Patience.” While none of the songs won, we all know Ms. Hudson was the real winner, as she rightfully snatched the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

Adele/”Skyfall” (2013)

Since Adele owned the music industry back then, why not have her own the Oscars, too? Ms. A slaughtered her James Bond tune, winning the Oscar and truly making us believe even more that she could simply do no wrong. Dressed in a stunning all black gown with long swept hair, in the words of the late Joan Rivers, “Gorgeous, gorgeous , gorgeous.”

Pink/”Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (2014)

Does Pink ever deliver a bad performance? I think not. While we were used to seeing the singer in all of her aerial acrobatics at this point, her rousing performance of the beloved ‘The Wizard of Oz’ song was the true winner of last’s years show. (Sorry, Adele Dazeem) Dressed in a ruby red gown and armed with plenty of vocal punch, Pink certainly went over the rainbow and beyond last year with this chilling performance.


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