Kickstarter Jam of the Day/Lady Gaga/Flo Rida/”Starstruck”

There’s nothing like a good kickstarter jam, but one that’s about making music? Well, that’s a whole new kind of morning flow. This gem from Ms. Gaga’s first set, ‘The Fame,’ will not only give you the kick in the pants that you need on this chilly Tuesday, but it will also keep you in tune with the fact that Gaga used to deliver some serious bangers a few years ago. (Try this track at the gym, too. Trust me.) Yesterday, I served up 5 reasons why Gaga is THIS close to making her grand comeback, so I want to keep those Gaga vibes rolling today with this hearty banger featuring Flo-Rida. Dive in! For ALL of your daily kickstarter jams, go right here.

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