5 Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now/”Rewerk Wednesday” Edition

Last week, we rolled out a fun new segment called, “5 Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now,” but delivered it with a tantalizing twist-it could show up anywhere in the Philly Mixtape world. Last week, we served up five delicious “TBT” sets, and this week we’re going to serve up 5 recently released dance sets that will take you straight to the dance floor…and beyond. So, instead of one DJ featured, this week you guys will get close to a hundred top notch rewire makers tearing it up among five pulse pounding sets. In a word, get ready to sweat in today’s “Rewerk Wednesday.” Dive in.

1.Hed Kandi/’The Mix 2015′

This was one of my favorite album of 2014, and it may just take the crown this year because I can’t stop listening. From start to finish, UK dance record label Hed Kandi delivers another flawless set of their annual ‘The Mix’ compilation. This disco-licious thirty-six track set is perfect for the gym and a groovy night in-or out-of the bedroom. Let superstar DJs Matvey Emerson, Sonny Fodera, Cyril Hahn and many, many other fader masters take you on a true ‘Hed Kandi’ coated music ride.

Matvey Emerson/”Run Away”

2.Various Artists/’Toolroom Miami 2015′

Just seeing Miami in the title alone should make you want to rush to iTunes right now and add this sun-kissed set to your collection. This just released ride is packed with plenty of pulse, including deep house dish “Yoohoo” by Dusky, “From the Dark” by house diva Maya Jane Coles and the ’80s kissed “House Record” by ¬†Steve Lawler. Still not convinced? Let this incredible Ninetones remix of the Basement Jaxx single, “Rock This Road” help get you there…

3.Various Artists/Ultra Dance 16

For over a decade, Ultra Dance has put out their annual dance complitation series, and their latest may be their most decked out one yet. Beat masters Calvin Harris, Dave Aude, Steve Aoki, and deadmau5 are all along for the ride, as well as remixed hits by Ed Shereen, Sia, Magic! and plenty more. Dive in and get soaking wet to this one.

Nervo/”Rise Early Morning”

4.Above and Beyond/’We Are All We Need’

If you’re looking for something a little harder to kick in your Molly, then UK dance production trio Above and Beyond have the perfect set for you. Laced with guest vocalists, bangin’ beats and tantalizing trance melodies, A&B’s latest will take you beyond the disco ball and into a different kind of outer space music territory. What’s best about this record is that it will lift you up and take you down at just the right moments. Your headphones-and your music soul- will be very happy with Above and Beyond’s latest creation.

“Counting Down the Days” (ft. Gemma Hayes)

5.Various Artists/’Defected In The House Miami 2015

Yet another Miami/deep house ¬†influenced set that will have you musically escaping to palm trees and sunshine. The more chilled out album out of the rest of the group, this dreamy package will bring it all down in the after hours….and bring you back to life. Let tracks by Miguel Migs, Maya Jane Coles, Groove Armada and crates more take you into that sonnet sun so hot……it’ll melt your music popsicle.

Maya Jane Coles/”Will I Make it Home Tonight”

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