5 Reasons Why You’ll Fall In Love With Bassist Ethan Farmer

Ethan Farmer is an artist, producer, musician, music director, genuinely a great guy. He is also one of the most well known bassists in the business. In fact, you might even hear one of his songs right now on your favorite station, as the extraordinarily talented Mr. Farmer has worked with everyone from Darius Rucker to Mary J. Blige and Pitbull, just to name a few on a very long list of collaborators. If the fact that Ethan has worked with Mary J. doesn’t sell you on his amazing talents, I’ve come up with 5 other reasons why you’ll certainly fall in love with him once you get to know this gifted bass player. Dive into my convincing case below:

1. He followed his passion…

He didn’t choose the bass guitar, it chose him. At the young age of five years old, he picked up his fathers bass and just a few years later, he joined his family’s gospel group, The Amazing Farmer Singers. From that moment, it all made sense to him. “This is who I am and what I was supposed to do. It was destined,” says Farmer of his career.

2. He’s a rockstar…

After his gospel roots and a major tour with Mary J. Blige, he took a left turn and became touring bassist for Hootie and the Blowfish. “I could roll right out of the tour bus onto the stage in jeans and a t-shirt. We would rock these festivals without a care in the world. That was Rock n’ Roll to me. It was the first time I actually felt like a rock star,” states Farmer of his Hootie experience.

Ethan playing with…Lionel Ritchie!

3. He’s just a regular guy…

Aside from touring, Ethan is a laid back regular dude. “While you’re on tour you miss that humble security. It’s nice to come home and be a normal person around your friends and family.” Before every show he prays to God and asks for his guidance while on tour. When asked about his experiences in Philly he mentioned that going to a Phillies game was his first baseball game..ever. “I went with Craig Robinson, we had box seats with amazing hospitality,” says Farmer, “I think it messed up everything for me for a future baseball game. It was just too awesome of an experience.” Ethan also shared a few music peers of which he looks up to as an artist-“I still would love to work with Sting, Eric Clapton, and hopefully play a show in the Dave Matthews Band.”


4. He welcomes spontaneity…

Ethan’s mind is always constantly changing. While his days may be organized by the tasks at hand (wake up, check the email, do a little social media, catch up with the band, make the setlist), he’s always changing things up to the last minute. “Each audience and each demographic brings something out of you. This makes you improvise. The band is always adapting to the crowd and the environment.” Ethan also shares his advice to aspiring performers and recording artists as well, sharing his inspiring words, “You weren’t wearing the shoes you were 10 years ago. Don’t hold on to the same thing. Get yourself outside the box, be spontaneous, and get your light on.”

5. He lives in the moment…

For years, Ethan had people breathing down his neck to record a solo album. “I didn’t have the self confidence in who I was until recently. I wanted this album to show my personality.” ‘Wine and Strings’ is him at his most personal, an invitation into his world. The album was recorded in less than 2 weeks. Of the groovy record Farmer says, “Where you were at that moment in time, that is the masterpiece. That’s when you should make a record.” Are you guys in love? We certainly are.

To listen to ‘Wine and Strings’ check this.

For more jam sessions with Mr. Farmer, go here.

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