Philly Mixtape Music Tea w/ Singer/Songwriter Hemming

Philly based singer/songwriter Hemming has only been on the music scene for a short time, but she has already made some amazing strides. The lovely chanteuse first jumped into the scene as part of the punk duo Omar, where her and her bandmate, Nick Fanelli, appeared on ‘Make or Break:The Linda Perry Project. However, it was her solo work that caught Perry’s music attention, and soon the two gals would join forces to produce Hemming’s solo venture on Perry’s Custard Records label, which is set to hit headphones everywhere on July 14th.

Beginning April 8th, Hemming will launch on a month long residency at Philly hot spot, Ortlieb’s Lounge, but before she takes that coveted main stage, she was gracious enough to take some time out to spill some delicious music tea with Philly Mixtape. Get lost in our fun chat below, where Hemming spills on her humble beginnings, what you guys can expect from her Ortlieb’s residency and what it was like working side-by-side with the incredible, Ms. Perry. 

PMKicking things off, tell everyone about how you got your start in music…

HI started playing guitar at age 9 and started writing songs when I was around 14. I think I fell in love with songwriting because I was such a quiet kid and needed some way to express my feelings without actually having to talk to anyone. 

PMYou’ve also worked with the one-and-only Linda Perry along your music road, I’m sure that must have been quite a ride…

HIt was a very intense experience but also very fun one. We got along great in the studio and she had a weird way of reading my mind when I didn’t know how to verbalize an idea or a sound. We goofed off a lot and had fun but then there were also days where she would walk in and be like “ok kiddo I want you to write me a new hit by the next time your in the studio.” It was stressful and exhausting at times but overall an amazing experience!

PMFor those that may not know, you weren’t always a solo act, as you were in one-half of the punk rock group, Omar. I hear the decision to go your own way was a very tough one for you to make…

HI loved being in Omar, there is really nothing like being a two piece punk band and screaming your brains out drunk in a Philly basement, but my songs always come out folky and dark. I was adapting myself and my songs to fit into Omar and my bandmate Nick could see that and helped me realize that I should be playing my solo stuff the way it was meant to be played.

PMLet’s get down to some Philly business, shall we? Spill some music tea to everyone as to what they can expect from your upcoming residency at Ortlieb’s….

HYou can expect some great local music! I’m lucky enough to be friends with a lot of talented musicians so every night I can guarantee good people and good tunes. 

PMI know one song you will be performing is your hit single, “Vitamins.” Where did the inspiration for that track come from?

HIt actually started with a bottle of vitamins, they were in my room because I was using them as a shaker in a recording and at the time I was trying to write songs from the perspective of inanimate objects. I thought it was a fun idea, eventually it became a song about relying on other things instead of yourself to make you happy, which is something a lot of people struggle with including myself.

PM-I totally agree with that 100 percent. As artists, we are always looking for ultimate happiness and continuing to work on our creative craft. What would be one thing that you felt you needed to work on to perfect your craft?

H-There is always room for improvement in everything Ido, I’d like to eventually start playing my solo songs with a band which will take a lot of time and practice because I’m so used to following my own drum, which is generally all over the place.

PMI just have to know, any big plans while you’re in Philly? I would love to show you around!

HAside from the Ortlieb’s residency, I’ll be playing a couple shows in NYC, other then that just hanging out with friends and enjoying Philadelphia!

PM-Now, this one question stumps everybody….if you had to pick one album to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

HI never know how to answer this question because no matter what you pick you’re going to end up hating it eventually, too much of a good thing always makes you sick. So what you’re actually asking me is “what album would you not mind hating one day?” I wouldn’t want to pick an album I love too much because what if I end up getting saved from the island? I always imagine myself on a desert island with Wilson and a discman that some how has unlimited battery power. But if I got saved I wouldn’t want to come back to my iTunes and be like, DAMNIT I USED TO ALWAYS LOVE THIS AMAZING ALBUM BUT NOW I JUST THINK OF THAT TERRIBLE ISLAND! 


PM-One last question, what would you say to somebody like yourself who was just starting out in this crazy/beautiful music business?

H-I would say “Hey, are you ok?! How are you dealing with all of this?! It’s ok, I’m freaking out a little too!!”  … Because I myself am just starting out in this crazy music business!  

For al things Hemming, go here and here.

To scoop of tickets for her Ortlieb’s residency, check this out! 


Mixtape Music News/Frankie Knuckles Edition

1.Defected Records to pay tribute to Frankie on compilation greatest hits album….

Get ready for what is sure to be one of the hottest music releases of the year. It was just announced that Defected Records is set to release a compilation album titled, “‘House Masters:Frankie Knuckles’ on April 26th. The double-disc set will feature the DJ’s greatest tracks and remixes, and proceeds will benefit the Frankie Knuckles fund, which operates side-by-side with the Elton John AIDS foundation. Of the upcoming explosive set, Mr. John states, “This is a great mixture of Frankie’s work. His artistry will always be at the forefront of dance music and so will his energy.” This is one album that must hit your headphones as soon as its out. To get lost in the official tracklist, go here

2.New documentary called ‘The Warehouse’ set to honor the legacy of the gone-too-soon DJ…

It has also just been announced that a new documentary called ‘The Warehouse’ is in the works to honor the late Mr. Knuckles. For those that don’t know, ‘The Warehouse’ is where Frankie not only changed the face of house music forever, but it’s also where he began his extraordinary music road. The music doc will be produced by Robert Tietal, alongside famed Chicago club owner, Billy Dec. While little is known about the film as of yet, more details are set to emerge any day now….Grab the music popcorn to watch this one..


3.The Guardian posts incredible article honoring Mr. Knuckles on the one year anniversary of his death…

Last week, The Guardian released a powerful article honoring the late DJ, in which longtime fans and collaborators like Elton John and Underworld deliver kind words and praises of the DJ. In the piece, it goes on to say ‘”Frankie Knuckles is to house what Chuck Berry is to rock’n’ roll.” #Truth. The tribute article also gives great detail on Frankie’s beginnings, his many, many music acconplishments and just how he will forever live on in music hearts all over the globe. As we mourn the loss of Frankie, this is one article that is a must read. To get lost in it, go right here and prepare to be dazzled by Frankie once again. 


4,Underworld and Heller & Farley link up for their own Frankie Knuckles tribute record…

Longtime DJs Underworld and Heller & Farley are coming together for a very special tribute record to honor the late DJ. The record will feature cover versions of Frankie’s classic groove, “Baby Wants To Ride,” and will be available as a limited 12.” Although the record was only available on the set’s official site, it’s now available everywhere as we commemorate the loss of the great Frankie Knuckles one the one-year anniversary of his death. 

5.Philly Mixtape remembers Frankie…

While most of us fondly remember the music legacy that Frankie created, those that may just be starting out in this crazy DJ business may not know everything that this incredible talent brought forth into our music lives. Philly Mixtape took time out to not only remember Frankie, but served up 10 reasons why we should ALWAYS bow down to this great man. To get lost in all things Frankie, go right here




Kickstarter Groove of the Day/Selena/”Bidi Bidi Bom Bom”

Twenty years ago today, the music world mourned the loss of Tejano pop singer Selena after she was tragically gunned down by the president of her fan club, Yolanda Salvidar. Even two decades later, reading this tragic story is still so heartbreaking because the gone-too-soon singer was ready to take over the world with her first English language album, ‘Dreaming of You.’ The album did get released two months after her death, shooting straight to the top of the charts, finally making Selena the mainstream pop star she was meant to be, but sadly, it was too late. 

Personally speaking, every time I write something about the dearly departed Selena, it’s hard not to choke up because the world truly lost a talented force to be reckoned with twenty years ago. Selena left behind an incredible legacy and an amazing music catalog that contains hits, “I Could Fall In Love,” “Dreaming Of You,” “La Carcacha,” and today’s kickstarter groove, “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, ” which is not only one of Selena’s signature songs, but it also shows just how dazzling she truly was. R.I.P. Selena, the music world still misses you…