Kickstarter Jam of the Day/Madonna/”Spotlight”

There are many reasons why I chose Madonna’s underrated gem “Spotlight” from her ’87 remix album, ‘You Can Dance,’ as today’s kickstarter jam. The first reasons being that we are a shining a light on not only a new week, but also a new month, as we all get ready to take March and make it our bitch. The other reason being that sometimes we need some musical inspiration, and I can’t think of a better tune to take us into that center stage of life than Madge’s shining beacon of a track. Hey, no one said that life was easy and sometimes we need that extra push to help guide us into the right direction. If you’re feeling like you might want to hide behind the curtain, don’t worry, “Spotlight” will help you jump into that leap of faith to keep you going strong, just like it does for me on a regular basis. All you have to do is…dive in.




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