Kickstarter Jam of the Day/Michelle Williams/”We Break the Dawn” (Karmatronic Remix)

You know, many people throw shade of former Destiny’s Child diva, Michelle Williams…..and I can’t seem to figure out why. While yes, her talents (she is) got overshadowed by Bey and reigning “Forgot-About-Friday” diva Kelly Rowland during her days with Destiny, but you have to give the gal a little credit. Let’s not forget that Ms. Thing did appear on some of Destiny’s Child’s greatest music moments (“Independent Women,” “Bootylicious,” “Soldier,” just to name a few.), and she also gave us a little song of her own called, “We Break the Dawn.” While the original is sort of “ugh,” forgotten one-time beat makers Karmatronic took it to new heights, creating a fiery rework that I still play on a weekly basis. In fact, I’m going to be respectful of Ms. Williams (She IS a Grammy winner too, kids…no matter what Tina says.) and say that this remix of her almost hit is absolutely one of my favorite remixes of all time. If you don’t get kickstarted after one listen to Karmatronic’s rousing reromp of “We Break the Dawn,” then indeed, you ARE the Michelle. Dive in.




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