“Forgot-About-Friday/Those OTHER Mid ’90s/Late ’00s Teen Music Artists

The now defunct T.V staple, ‘Total Request Live’ (or as we commonly know it as ‘TRL.’) was many glorious things for many different reasons. For one, the smash music television show used to house some mighty fine tunes from from some of the biggest names on the planet-Micheal Jackson, Madonna, Mariah, Cher…you name them, and these artists would bow down and pay their respects to the now defunct television show on a weekly basis. Another thing that  ‘TRL’ was widely known for (beside changing the pop culture landscape forever) , was discovering new music from an unknown artist that hadn’t quite hit it big in our headphones yet. Truly, ‘TRL’ showed no ignorance towards any mainstream artist who had new music to feature. Over the years, it seemed as every music genre from jungle-to-jazz was featured, as well as a big batch of mainstream pop hits. However, as we all know, music success from ‘TRL’  wasn’t always guaranteed, and for every Britney, Xtina and Backstreet Boy who musically made it, there were others who came THIS close to ‘TRL’ music glory and have now settled comfortably into “Forgot-About-Friday” land, where they will be spending the rest of their music eternities….until today. Yes, these next ‘TRL’ acts should not only be remembered for their catchy tunes and weird ass stage names (Vitamin C? 3LW? Wtf?), but also for the fact that at some point in the late ’90s/mid ’00s…they almost had solid music careers. Dive in and remember them all….go.

O-Town/98 Degrees/Five

The order of the mid’90s ‘TRL” boy bands went a little something like this-Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync…the rest of them. While some tried really, really hard to make it to that coveted BSB/Justin level, others just managed to deliver just a handful of hits like 98 Degrees and O Town, for example. However, if you’re former boy band Five, who barely squeaked by on ‘TRL’ format alone, but still delivered a (somewhat) memorable pop tune, well you get the “I’m Not Dead” gold star for today.

O-Town/”All or Nothing”

Five/When The Lights Go Out”


98 Degrees/”Invisible Man”



Oh, superb early ’00s pop girl group, Dream…where the hell are you girls you now? No…I’m serious, does anyone know? Even upon further research, I still couldn’t find anything as to even an update about what these former girl grouping divas have been u[ to since back-in-the-music-day. Not to worry, because as long as I have their stellar singles, “He Loves U Not” and “This is Me” in my collection, well my music world’s a better place.  Sigh…it all seemed so much simpler back when Dream (almost) ruled the music world with their respective hits.

“He Loves U Not”


Debelah Morgan

I’m sorry, but after one listen back then to Ms. Morgan’s delectable tune, and you could already tell that she was going be a one-hit diva…but THIS song, though. Not only is “Dance With Me” a satisfying and swinging dance floor burner, but it set the bar very high back them for any artist who decided to break into mainstream music territory.

“Dance With Me”



Vitamin C

The only thing I’ll say about this forgotten about diva,  is that she gave us the theme song for all eternity with her almost, but not quite hit, “Graduation (Friends Forever)”…and THAT artist name….it’s no wonder she didn’t make it in the cold music industry…


Samantha Mumba/All Saints/A*Teens

Not only did this serving of up songstresses fill voids (and in our ’90s kids hearts)on the ‘TRL’ countdown charts every week, but each of these teen acts each hailed from overseas pop music territory. First up is Ireland’s Ms. Mumba, who came out swinging with notable hits “Gotta Tell You’ (yeah..yeah..yeah…yeah…yeeeaaah. #cueintro) and “Baby, Come on Over.” From the UK, we had both All Saints and A-Teens, who not only brought plenty of sassy sonnet sass….but we got plenty of Abba from the likes of the A-Teens. Bet you guys NEVER forgot about them….

Samantha Mumba/”Gotta Tell You”

All Saints/”Never Ever”

The A* Teens/”Dancing Queen”


With such celebrated names as the ones named after these forgotten about girl groups, how did they ever not make it past ‘TRL’ and take over the rest of the world?

M2M/”Mirror, Mirror”

3LW/”No More (I’ma Do Right)”

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