Shania Twain Announces ‘Final’ Tour

This week, country pop crossover goddess, Shania Twain, announced plans once again to hit the road…only this time, the hot-off-the-music press event will mark as her ‘final’ concert tour. (If we’ve learned anything from Cher, concert tours are never final.)  The 48 city Shania spectacle will kick off in Seattle for one single show, which then will to Canada, so Ms. Twain can show some love to her home country on a handful of dates. Don’t worry, you won’t have to travel to all the way up north to snatch a glimpse of the legendary diva, she also has tentative U.S. stops  in Nashville, Washington D.C and Philly. Of the impending stage extravaganza, the country croonersaid, “This is my last tour, so I’m going to make the most of it. I want to go out with a bang.” If there is one thing that our girl Shania has mastered, it’s going out with a stylish bang, as proven at everyone of her earlier tours, as well as her recently wrapped show, “Shania:The One.” So, who’s ready to see Shania belt her greatest hits out live on stage for one last twangy music romp? Philly Mixtape says, everyone….


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