8 Essential Sia Penned Tunes

For more than a decade, the lovely Sia Furler has had a wig in the music business as songwriter, performer, singer, producer, you name it, she’s doing it. While she is indeed a formidable solo artist, it’s the tracks that she’s written for others that have gained her the the most music steam. In fact, lately, there seems to be so many Sia penned grooves out there, that’s it’s truly impossible to keep up with them all. So, for today’s ‘8 Essential Tracks’, I dove deep into the Sia music vault and pulled out some of my favorites, which I’m sure a lot of you guys have blasted on repeat…and shed a tear to at some point. To check them out, all you have to do is…get lost in the Mixtape.


Apparently written in under 15 minutes and sung the exact same way as the demo, this song went on to become a shining worldwide smash, and for good reason…it’s one of RiRi’s best singles.

Rita Ora/”Radioactive”

Even Sia tried to give Ms. Ora a hit. While this song was a smash overseas….it barely did anything on U.S. charts, which is surprising, because it’s actually a great tune.

Britney Spears/”Perfume”

Written by both Sia and Britney, it became a fan favorite and high point on Britney’s flop-of-an-album, Britney Jean. Here’s the better version of the song with both divas taking the vocal helms.

Beyonce/”Pretty Hurts”

According to the NY Times, this song had been passed around to both Rihanna and Katy Perry, with RiRi sitting on it for eight months, then onto Katy who, um, forgot to check her email. That’s when Ms. Bey heard the tune, immediately jumping on it…and it worked out beautifully for Ms. B.

Jessie J/”Breathe”

Sigh….Jessie J just keeps on trying really, really hard. I wonder if Sia says the same thing?

Ne-Yo-/”Let Me Love You”

Sia’s artistic penmanship knows no boundaries, especially with this dreamy Ne-yo track. It’s a shame he’s stuck with Pitbull on his latest single, “Time of Your Life,” because we need less of that and more of this on mainstream radio.

Kelly Clarkson- “Invincible”

Ms. Furler’s most recently released effort is not only packed with plenty of Ms. Clarkson’s window shattering vocal prowess, but it will also tug at your heartstrings, as many Sia numbers tend to do.

David Guetta/”Titanium”

It was Guetta who reached out to Furler with a handful of instrumentals. She wrote to one, kickstarted a demo and sent it back to the legendary DJ. Katy Perry, who was initially offered the song, told David to keep the demo as it was. He ended up releasing the track with Sia’s vocals, all the while without her knowing. Furler was quite pissed, stating electronic music was not part of who she was as an artist. However, the song went on to become a huge hit…eventually kickstarting much of what her career is today. In a word, “Titanium” is the best music mistake that could’ve happened to her.

For a definitive list of songs Sia has written go here.

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