Kickstarter Jam of the Day/50 Cent/Olivia/”So Amazing”

Happy Monday, kids! Before we get to this morning’s kickstarter jam, I again just want to thank each and every one of you who take time out of your crazy lives to follow up with Philly Mixtape. Over the past six months, the support since that infamous first day on Instagram, to the official Facebook page and into the official site has been overwhelming and incredible, so thank you guys for keeping it all flowing. The best part about this project is not only the delightful music and talent I get to play with on the regular, but I also get to add the perfect ingredients to the Mixtape cake until it’s baked to perfection. Now that it’s musically piping hot, beginning this week, I’ll be slicing it up just for you guys. When I said that the best was yet to come…I wasn’t kidding. Now that everything is ready to be mixed all in, you guys better get ready. This week, look out for all the music news you can handle, a double spillage of music tea(which will happen every week from here on out), and also an amazing new column that kicks off tomorrow called….well, you just have to get lost in the Mixtape to find out….

Okay, so today’s groove is everything. While I could have chosen any number of Mr. Cent’s hits, I decided to save those classics for later in the week, where the one-time hip-hop kingpin will show up again. (I wonder which day it will be?) So instead, I went with “So Amazing,” a delectable groove co-starring defunct R&B diva Olivia, off of ¬†50’s second album, ‘The Massacre.’ While the track is straight hip-pop cheese, it glides along smoothly with its bumping beat and irresistable ¬†hook. It’s also quite a nice groove to kickstart your thoughts to spring….turn it up.


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