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1.’Empire’ star Jussie Smullett Comes Out to Ellen

Yesterday, breakout ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smullett made fabulous rainbow waves when he came out to Ellen on her hit daytime gabfest. If you guys haven’t seen this epic announcement, I’ve posted the video below. Philly Mixtape has nothing but love for the rising star. Work it like Missy, Mr. Jussie.


2. THIS video of a 12-year old Ryan Gosling tearing up the floor in…parachute pants.

A video has just surfaced of a waay pre-‘Notebook’ Ryan Gosling showing off his MC Hammer thang, absolutely breaking it down in a pair of silver parachute pants. The best part is that he is indeed dancing to a deep remix of the ’91 Cathy Dennis hit, “Touch Me.” THIS will make your day…


3.’So You Think You Can Dance” set to return on….

Wed, June 1st. The show that put the “hot tamale” on the “train” thanks to former scream queen judge Mary Murphy, will return for its twelfth season. The hit FOX dance show is also bringing Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo on board as judges alongside residing ‘Dance’ diva, Nigel Lythgoe. Are you guys to ready to krump/twerk/flip/twirl all summer long?


4.Jennifer ┬áHudson debuts ‘Empire’ track “Remember the Music”

Tomorrow night, Ms. JHud is appearing on an episode of the EPIC smash FOX show, ‘Empire,’ and with her comes a window shattering new tune called, “Remember the Music.” Of the scorching single, Jennifer told, “‘Remember the Music’ truly exemplifies the power that music can have in all of our lives.” Preach, boo. Don’t worry, you guys won’t have to wait until tomorrow to hear it, you can get lost in it below.


5.Ariana Grande takes a tumble in Toronto…

Following in the Louboutin heeled steps of Madonna, pop bitch Ariana Grande took quite a tumble while trying to sing Jessie J’s part in “Bang, Bang” during a show in Toronto the other night. However, never the Mariah wannabe, Ariana picked up her heels and mane nicely and continued on. Later, she tweeted out, “tonight was such a fun show. lol.” I rest my weave.


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