8 Essential Madonna Rewerks

Keeping on with your Philly Mixtape music ode to her Madge-sty, today’s 8 Essential Tracks will give it up to some of her most roaring remixes. Now, I know we could sit here until eternity sorting through each and every one of Madonna’s musical rewirings, I mean she has had a whopping 44 #1 dance hits, so yes, some of you music kids may have some other favorite Madonna mixes as your top choices besides the ones on this list. But, I did do my best to serve up which ones not only tear up the floor the hardest, but also ones that hold near and dear to my personal music heart. However, I have a feeling that a couple on this list may hold close to some of yours, too. Get lost in these Philly Mixtape essential Madonna reimaginings below…

“Holiday”/Stardust mix

What do you get when you mash-up one of Madonna’s signature ’80s tunes with a classic 90s club groove? Pure unadulterated music bliss. What makes this mix even more groovy is the video mix of it, which features our beloved Queen of Pop in all her ’80s dance moves glory. Your day will sound better once you get lost in this dance floor fire…

“Vogue”/’12 Inch Remix

If you’re not striking a pose during the whole 8 minutes of this extended piece of “Vogue” music candy, then your not worthy of the Material Girl. Enough said.

“Secret”/Junior’s Luscious Club Mix

The R&B laced original was already sexy enough, but legendary DJ Junior Vasquez took it to a whole new bedroom level, turning it into a delicious piece of ’90s deep house candy.

“Frozen”/Calderone Club Mix

The one thing to know about famed DJ Victor Calderone is not that he absolutely brought the heat to ’90s dance floors with his club crushing catalogue, but that he produced some of the most lavish and lengthy remixes of all time. This magnificent redo of Madonna’s ’90s comeback single, “Frozen,” will reel you in from start to finish…and then back around again. Those strings…sigh…

“Beautiful Stranger”/Calderone Club Mix

Another winner served up by Mr. Calderone……all you have to do is listen….

“What It Feels Like For A Girl”/Oakenfold Remix

Not only is this remix ¬†absolutely electrifying thanks to Mr. Oakenfold, but it was also featured in the video for the song, which you might remember, was Madonna’s last clip to be banned from MTV, this time it was for the video’s violent nature. Looking back on it now, it seemed kind of silly to ban it, but, let’s face it, the music world is way different now then it was when Madonna’s ode-to-ol-kuntz came out nearly fifteen years ago..


“Impressive Instant”/Peter Rauhofer remix

If you’re looking for a remix that will straight up dive into your soul, well then the thunderous Peter Rauhofer remix of “Impressive Instant” is ready to blast for you. Two years ago, the music world lost the beloved DJ and it’s remixes like this one that prove no one will ever come close to matching his talents. The proof is in the delicious rewire pudding.

“Erotica”/Confessions Tour Mix

Not that I ¬†don’t live for the original, but when Madonna remixed her sexed up ’90s hit into a bedroom/ballroom fantasy, it soared to new music heights. With its ultra-chic flow, sinful piano and budoir beat, it’s pure Madonna rework bliss.

“Get Together”/Peter Rauhofer Remix

It’s really hard to pick just 8, so this smooth Rauhofer remix just has to make the list as well….


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