Kickstarter Jam of the Day/Pussycat Dolls/”Don’t ‘Cha”/Ralphi Rosario’s Hot Freak Remix

Now that the weather is migrating towards warmer temps, the time has begun where I dive deep into the music vault and pick out some of my favorite grooves from warm weather’s past. Ten years ago, there was a little song that was everywhere on spring radio-the elusive, “Don’t ‘Cha,” by the now defunct, Pussycat Dolls. While the original was certainly hot enough, world renowned DJ Ralphi Rosario took it to another level, creating his smokin’  “Hot Freak” remix. Not only will Ralph’s rewire get your ass movin’ all day long, but it will also help you focus on the fact that spring is just over a week away, kids. It’s time to get lost in the Mixtape on this delightful “Rewerk Wednesday.” The Dolls are waiting for you…


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