Mixtape Music News

1.’Blurred Lines’ trial verdict…Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams have to pay Marvin Gaye’s family…

…$7.3 million. If you guys will recall, Gaye’s family alleged that Thicke, Williams and T.I.’s smash hit, “Blurred Lines,” had bared striking resemblance to their sons hit, “Got To Give It Up.” The trial was full of drama, with both songs being played as well as Thicke’s admittance of drug and alcohol use during the time of “Lines” recording and writing. He also claimed that he had little to do with the track’s conception. For more on this crazy music story, check out, where Pharrell, Thicke and T.I gave their official statement about the ruling. It’s definitely worth a glance.

2.Nicki Minaj gives Maroon 5 some “Sugar”

In a brand new “WTF?” music collaboration, Maroon 5 has enlisted Nicki Minaj for a remix of their candy-coated hit, “Sugar.” The result? I must be melting in time for spring, because it’s actually quite delicious. Ms. Nicki adds caramel dipped new flair to the already smooth original, providing a brand new beat and comparing her you-know-what to a Jolly Rancher..To listen to the rewired “Sugar,” go right here.

3.Ciara releases ballet-tastic video for “I Bet”

Poor Cici. Not only has she been trying for years to get back in everyone’s good music graces (she’s ALWAYS been in mine.), but she’s also currently dealing with her breakup from spitster, Future. However, like the lavish music lady that Ci is, she’s shows us grace and dignity, by displaying a killer bod and hip-hop ballerina dance moves in her latest video for her current single, “I Bet.” The bumping breakup ballad is also worth a round in your headphones..

4.Lady Gaga enlists Tony Bennett for her wedding….

Gaga’s music BFF and ‘Cheek to Cheek’ partner in crime, Tony Bennett, will have a big role in the singer’s upcoming wedding….he’ll be singing at it. “They invited me to do it, and of course, I will,” Bennet told the New York Post. The 88 year old singer also stated, “She’s marrying a very wonderful man, very talented and very handsome.” Sounds like Mr. Bennett may have a tiny little man crush on Mr. Kinney. I mean, who wouldn’t?

5.THIS blazing new Syn Cole banger…

One of Philly Mixtape’s favorite new DJs is rising international beat master, Syn Cole. His lovely remix of J.Lo’s “First Love” and his explosive track, “Miami ’82” were in the top spots for favorite rewerks last year. His latest banger, “It’s You,” is another blazing dance floor romp, complete with spaced out synths and pulsating production. It’s a perfect warm weather romp…




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