Philly Mixtape Was All about Meghan Trainor at the TLA Last Night

Last night, Philly Mixtape was able to catch the lovely and talented Meghan Trainor as she took the stage at the ‘TLA’ last night as part of her ‘That Bass Tour.’ Let me tell you guys, what…a…show. Kicking things off were opening act Shepperd, and while I admit, I wan’t too familiar with this energized indie rock group, I sure am now. They most definitely got the crowd amped for Ms. Trainor’s arrival, with their explosive grooves and rockin’ rhythms. If you guys haven’t heard their pounding hit, “Geronimo,” I’ve posted it right here. Trust me, it’s even better live…


Now that the stage was set for Ms. Trainor, it was time for her to own it….and that she most certainly did. From start to finish, she soared through hits off of her smash ‘Title’ album, with her trademark blonde locks flowing while looking ultra-glam in a sparkly top and mini skirt. There wasn’t a moment that she didn’t own the crowd (which was mostly teenage girls, by the way. )The one thing that I loved about Meghan was that despite all of her success, she seems like one of the most humble entertainers in the biz right now. After about three or four songs in, she took to the mic and thanked the crowd for their support, “I was just a songwriter with a dream,” she told the sold out venue,”You guys make it all possible.”



A couple highlights from the evening were of course when she closed the set with trademark hits, “Lips Are Movin'” and “All About That Bass,” but when her and her backup dancers took front and center for a rousing dance breakdown of “Uptown Funk,” it truly made for a simply magical evening. Hats off to you, Ms. Trainor, for a fantastic first headlining show. Oh, and the fact that she said ‘yas’ to the crowd quite a few times throughout the night made her show that much more special….




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