Throwback Thursday/THAT 1994 David Letterman/Madonna Interview

Keeping it flowing with your Philly Mixtape music ode-to-the Material Girl, today we’re going to take a break from her Madgesty’s grooves and go back to THAT time when she showed up on David Letterman…and delivered an interview no one will ever forget. As we all know, there was no stopping Madonna in the early ’90s, as her in-your-face antics took center stage over her talents, as people were still reeling from her coffee-table ‘Sex’ book and S&M-licious ‘Erotica’ album. On that infamous night, Madonna marched out rocking a long black frock, Doc Marten boots and black hair so slick…you could take a spill on it. From the beginning to the end of the interview, the two sparred back and forth over such issues as Dave not wanting to smell Madonna’s panties that she brought for him, peeing in the shower and just who Madonna was doing in the NBA. Oh, and throw in those 14 F-bombs that Madonna laced with the cigar that she was chomping on, and this was certainly one hell of an interview.

Of course, many were outraged, including the FCC, who just couldn’t believe the Material Girl would (gasp!) act in such a way. Long time Entertainment Weekly columnist Ken Tucker discussed Madonna’s Letterman appearance, stating, “that will live in infamy for, oh, at least another 15 minutes.” However, Mr. Tucker’s couldn’t be any further from the truth because back then, and even all these years later, people still gab about that legendary interview. Also, at the time, Madonna’s segment actually helped Letterman, delivering him his highest ratings since he premiered that past August. While yes, it indeed looked like a “stunt” on Madonna’s part so she could keep her name in the tabloids, but whatever you want to call it, it worked for her as well. The singer soon found a hit following with the tender ballad, “I’ll Remember,” which then led to the hit album, the smooth and silky, ‘Bedtime Stories,’ which still houses her longest running #1 single, “Take a Bow.”

In an interview with SPIN magazine a few years later, Madonna revealed that the ‘Late Show’ producers actually encouraged her to drop ALL those F-bombs, telling her it would be “really funny.” “Well, I came out and started doing it, and David freaked out,” Madonna says, “The way he introduced me was derogatory, so my whole thing was, okay, if that’s how you want to play it, you cannot beat me at this game.” Watching Letterman squirm in this almost thirty minute segment….you know Madonna was true to her word on that. Hey, at least the two have made up since this infamous (and glorious) pop culture moment. You guys can lost in the expletives below…..


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