8 Essential Pure/Celtic Grooves

Ahhhh…yes, spring is finally in the air. This weekend is officially the last weekend of winter, and now starts the time when the flowers start to bloom and the air will feel refreshing and brand new. This weekend is also St. Patrick’s Day weekend, so I can’t think of a better time to let loose a playlist that will chill you out all spring long…..and cure your impending Irish hangover all at the same time.You guys might remember a zenned out compilation series called ‘Pure Moods’ and ‘Celtic Moods?’ Philly Mixtape certainly does, so we went in and did some music yoga today with this eight Enya-licious tracks that are perfect as we begin our spring music lotus transformation. All we can say is….Enigma 4 lyfe.

Delerium/Sarah McLachlan/”Silence” (Airscape remix)

Long before she was fucking up our day by appearing in those ASPCA commercials, Ms. Sarah was quite a music force to be reckoned with, even appearing on some explosive club hits. While the original of this track has its music blinds drawn (it was on Pure Moods Vol 2.), Airscape took it to a magnificent new level, creating one of the most memorable remixes of the early ’00s.

Enigma/”Return to Innocence”

Perhaps the inspiration for the ‘Pure Moods’ series, Enigma’s mellow tune is not only a top ten charting hit, but it…just…gives… We have to wonder, where the hell is Enigma now?

Enya/”Orinoco Flow”

A world without Enya is like….music with no sound.


Mike Oldfield/”Tubular Bells”

Because it’s the one you remember the most from the ‘Pure Moods’ commercial…..It was also the theme for ‘The Exorcist.’ Happy Friday the 13th!


DJ Dado/’X Files Theme’

Now, we know that the ‘Pure Moods’ was supposed to chill us out, but how did a creepy ass dance tune from a weird show about aliens do that? Even listening to it now, I still think Mulder and Scully are about to show up…with flashlights….that is of course until the dance break kicks in.


Not only does this track represent ALL of what ‘Pure Moods’ was about, but it’s the best single from forgotten about electric wizard, Moby. Pure music bliss….

Celtic Woman

So many celtic women to choose from, so why not take some time to get lost in this incredible performance. While yes, St. Patty’s Day is a day for a few hundred green cocktails, but your holiday just isn’t complete without the flowing grooves of some Ireland representing chanteuses.

Enigma/”Sadness(Part 1)”

This video is still just as haunting as it was back then. Seriously, where is Enigma? Sigh….dis-moi….



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