Kickstarter Jam of the Day/U2/”Beautiful Day”

First off, big shout out to contributing writer Andrew for holding down the music fort yesterday while Mixtape was resting up after a fabulous trip to NYC! Second….happy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody! Yes, today is the day that will be  full of green beer, endless searches for a four leaf clover, and maybe one or two bad decisions. (Be safe, kids.) For today’s kickstarter, I can’t think of a better jam to blast than “Beautiful Day,” by everyone’s favorite Irish rockers, U2. Not only will their electrified track from 2000 get your pot ‘o gold moving on this beautiful morn’, but it will also remind you guys that lots of beautiful days are on the horizon being that spring is just a few days away! So, on that Jameson shot, get lost in today’s kickstarter and make YOUR day beautiful with some music.

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