5 Reasons Why You Should Be Musically Girl Crushing on UK Songbird Ella Henderson

It’s no secret that 2014 marked success for many overseas artists, with acts like Sia, Sam Smith and yes, even Ms. Azalea all taking a piece of the stateside charts. However, for every Lorde and Sia that breaks it big, there are some overseas music artists that struggle to truly get the U.S. recognition they truly deserve. (Have a seat, Ms. Jessie J, this isn’t about you.) One of those artists is incredibly talented U.K. diva, Ella Henderson. Besides having a voice that could go on for days, Ms. Thing is also cute, young and quirky and has a unique style that is certainly all her own. All of these fabulous Ella elements have led Philly Mixtape to have a music girl crush on the young songstress, and you guys should, too. So, today we came up with 5 reasons why you should be no doubt be musically crushing hard on this gifted young songbird. It’s time once again to get lost in the Mixtape…

1.She placed sixth on ‘TheX Factor’….and girlfriend still gained huge buzz….

In 2012, Ms. Henderson appeared on the ninth season of The X Factor, where she landed in the top twelve, but in a huge shocker, ended finishing in sixth place. Fans of the singing competition were quite miffed over the results because pretty much during the whole competition, Ms. Henderson was a fan favorite to win it all. ¬†After the shocking results, her name still stayed on everyone’s lips and because of her demanding popularity, she was quickly signed to Simco Music, where she would go on to record her magnificent debut set, ‘Chapter One.’ (We’ll get to that in a minute) Hmmmm…a young diva on a singing competition who was a fan favorite to win but got the boot unexpectedly…and still went on to do big things? (Ahem, JHud.) Maybe an Oscar for Ella can’t be too far off? If that’s not enough diva-in-training prowess for you, after Ms. Hendersonn got the early boot from ‘The X Factor’, a number of celebrities came out to support the young diva, including Lily Allen, Simon Cowell, Adele….and the one-and-only, Cher. Werk.


2.Her debut album will take your breath away… why aren’t you buying it?

In January, Ms. Henderson released her glowing debut, ‘Chapter One’ to rave reviews. Led by the Ryan Tedder penned single, “Ghost,” Ella’s set explodes with her top-notch vocal stylings, sensual sway and slinky melodies. While the album debuted strongly just outside the top 10 on the Billboard 200 album chart, it has yet to pick up anymore steam here…and we can’t figure out why. On iTunes, her glorious freshmen album isn’t even on the album chart….at all. (WTF?) However, overseas, her set has soared on charts all over the music globe, and her in native U.K., ‘Chapter One’ has already gone platinum.


3.THAT voice…..

What’s big, bold and guaranteed to give you chills all over? The booming voice of Ms. Ella, which I would say is a mix of Amy Winehouse, a dash of Leona Lewis and a blissful blend of Adele. From beginning to end on ‘Chapter One,’ her vocals are in prime position, whether featured on powerhouse ballads, “Empire,” and “Yours,” drum-and-synth laced tracks, “Give Your Heart Away,” “Glow” and “The First Time,” or on the funkier, “Mirror Man,” (a personal favorite) and “Pieces,” her impressive range soars above the clouds and beyond on pretty much every single track…and will take you on a music ride you will never forget.

“Mirror Man”

4.She’s an incredible young songwriter…

It should also be musically noted that not only did Ella co-write all but one of the tracks on her dazzling debut, but she also performed a lot of her original work while going through music boot camp on the ‘The X Factor.’ Keep in mind that she was just sixteen when she was on the show-and was already creating some truly amazing music gems. These days, with the exception of a few, it’s hard to find a young talent who doesn’t have twenty people writing their tracks for them. She’s a breath of fresh music air, indeed. Take that, Ariana.

“The First Time”


5.THIS epic rewire of Cher’s “Believe”

Remember earlier when I said that Cher showed up to support Ella after she get the boot? Well, THIS haunting performance is why. Let the music girl crushing commence….by the way…get the Kleenex ready for this one…

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