Kickstarter Jam of the Day/T’Pau/”Heart and Soul”

When it comes to ’80s throwback Thursday jams, it really doesn’t get nay better than the synth-fully delicious, “Heart and Soul,” by UK group, T’Pau. From the minute those drums kick up along with lead diva’s Carol Decker’s whispery vocals, you know you’re in for a real music treat. While the dynamic track may have been the group’s only big single stateside (it peaked at #4), it should be noted that they had a lovely string of hit singles and platinum albums in their native UK. And yes, the video for the sensual sonnet looks like it was shot in your mom’s basement for $10 dollars, the song is soooo good that you forget all about the clip’s cheap feel. (I mean, it WAS the ’80s.) For those who may not have heard this gummy groove before, it’s time to get lost in the Mixtape and let T’Pau give you all the “Heart and Soul” you need for your Thursday.






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