5 Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now/Forgot About Friday Edition

So many “Forgot About Friday artists,” really, so little time to sort through them all…except for today, where will be sorting through not one, but five long lost music artists and some of their trademark albums. Over the past few months, these next five acts have been featured on “FAF,” and while it may be a little sad to face the music truth that some of them have literally disappeared (here’s looking at you, Samantha Mumba), we should rejoice in each of them because there was a time these artists delivered some great music on their respective accompanying albums. Get lost in your “Forgot About Friday” Mixtape below…


Let’s face it, Cassie can’t sing. (It’s not shade if it’s the truth.) But in ’06, the model-turned-R&B-singer somehow got a recording contract and delivered a not so bad self-titled debut set. While the album is certainly not picture perfect, tracks like Long Way 2 GoAbout Time, Call U Out, and the slinky, What Do U Want, all deserve another round in your headphones. And as far a the staccato laced lead single, “Me & U,” is concerned, that scrumptious banger should always have a spot on your playlists…especially for building those beats during the upcoming warm weather months.


Oh, CiCi. Remember that time when Ciara was an unstoppable force to be reckoned with in the music industry? Or did you forget? In 2004, Ciara delivered Goodies, a sensual album that was packed with crunchy krunk-and-B flavor. Although her releases following it didn’t capture those freshmen music moments, her self-titled ’13 set certainly did…and nobody cared. From its sexy start to its funked up finish, ‘Ciara’ truly delivers the goods in bangers, Keep On Lookin,Body Party, I’m Out, and the aptly titled, Read My Lips. But, if there’s one track that is not only an album standout, but a standout in CiCi’s, um, career, it’s the synth-fultrated , “Overdose,” which should’ve absolutely been a single to save the forgotten about set. After one listen, you’ll certainly understand why.

Nelly Furtado/Loose

Whoa, Nelly, where’s your career? After listening to this dynamic set, you’ll be asking the same question. When Ms. Nelly Furtado-all-in-your-stereo released ‘Loose’ in ’06, the diva was criticized for ditching her free flying spiritual sound for a more slutty feel. But, I say, who cares? Because this album is great from beginning to end, as Ms. Furtado’s sexed up set flirts along, delightfully delivering tracks, Say It Right, Showtime, Afraid, and the playful, Promiscuous, co-starring Missy’s best friend, Timbaland. A personal favorite is “Do It,” which will no doubt get you in the mood for spring.

Ja Rule/Pain is Love

What does the number 3 and Ja Rule’s 01 album, Pain is Love have in common? Well three is the number of #1 singles that were on Ja’s chart destroying third set. First there was Livin’ It Up, featuring another forgotten about music artist, Case, and of course there’s, Always On Time, featuring another one…Ashanti. But, if there is one track that represents this album to the core, it’s the Murda remix of “I’m Real,” the smash single with J.Lo. This all proves one thing…god damn it’s a different time in music, isn’t it? Sigh…

Samantha Mumba/Gotta Tell You

One can only wonder just where Irish pop songbird Samantha Mumba is hiding. (With Dream and 3LW, maybe?) Mostly noted for her breakout songs, “Baby Come Over,” and the albums title track, the rest of Sammie’s album, while yes mostly cheesy (It WAS 2000…), it’s got a nice smooth R&B flavor to it that goes down nice and easy. Album tunes, Always Come Back to Your LoveBody 2 Body and Feelin’ Is Right, prove quite delightful on the eardrums. But as we all know, “Gotta” always does the trick, and when the Kool and the Gang “Ladies Night” sample breakdown occurs on “Baby Come On Over,” it’s pure Mumba music bliss.




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