Kickstarter Jam of the Day/Missy Elliot/Ciara/Fatman Scoop/”Lose Control”

There are many Missy Elliot songs that I love to get down to, but it’s her just-about-to-turn-ten hit, “Lose Control,” that really gets my badonkadonk moving. With Missy’s in-your-face lyrics, Ciara’s breathy coos and Fatman Scoop, well, just being Fatman Scoop, all of these ingredients make for one booty-ful banger. Throw in yet another futuristic-top-notch video provided by Ms. Elliot, and “Lose Control” is not only just a kickstarter for today…but a kickstarter for your life. On a “sigh” note, this tubular track is also Missy’s last big top five hit, but now that she came roaring back into our lives (and the studio)this year, I have a feeling that more smash singles are well are on their way from the delightful diva. ¬†Get lost in today’s kickstarter jam and Happy Friday, kids!

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