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1.Ariana Grande does EPIC Celine Dion impression on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’….

On Friday, diva-bitch-in-training Ariana Grande stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for not just a seemingly awkward interview, but to deliver a spot on impression of Ms. Celine Dion. Together, her and Mr. Fallon put a spin on Dion’s duet with Peabo Bryson from the ’92 Disney film, Beauty and the Beast, and the results will dazzle you, as Ms. Thing even gave us a serving of Celine’s trademark chest pounds. You just have to see it to believe it…classic.

2.Kylie Minogue says “Bye, Felicia” to Jay Z’s Roc Nation…

Just two years after Aussie chanteuse Kylie Minogue joined Jay Z and his record label, Roc Nation, the singer announced that she is leaving the label to pursue “new adventures.” When Kylie was introduced on the label, which also houses the careers of Rihanna and Timbaland, there were rumors that Ms. Minogue was aiming to crack the US market with her upcoming music adventures, namely her fierce (vastly overlooked) ’14 set, Kiss Me Once.In an official statement about the departure, the singer states, “I’ve had an amazing time with Roc Nation and it’s been fantastic to team up with them over the last two years. We got together at a period in my life when I wanted to shake things up. I loved collaborating with Roc on the Kiss Me Once album, world tour and DVD and have made great friends in the process.” For those who haven’t gotten lost in Kylie’s most recent ‘Kiss Me Once’ set, you should go right here.

3.One Direction is really, really sad….

Sigh…be still our tween hearts. As if the announcement of bandmate’s Zayn Malik’s departure from the British boy band’s tour wasn’t enough 1D heartbreak, member Louis Tomlinson is dealing with his own personal heartache as it was just announced that him and his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, have just split up. According to People mag, the couple split weeks ago, but didn’t announce it as they “wanted some privacy during this time.” However, like true professionals, Tomlinson and the three remaining members of the group have continued to trek on their world tour…with plenty of Kleenex on hand.

4.’Glee’ says goodbye after six seasons….

After six seasons, countless tours and music covers, ‘Glee’ sang its way out of our lives on Friday night. When the show premiered in 2009, it wasn’t like anything else on T.V., with its cast of nerds, jocks and popular gals taking on tons of  pop tunes, while delivering strong messages about the importance of acceptance, love and family. While there are many performances from the show that we will never forget (Darren Criss’ “Teenage Dream” anyone?), perhaps the one that standouts the most is the show’s take on Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” for not only representing the dynamic talented cast, but for also showcasing dearly departed cast member Corey Monteith at his very finest. Gleeks 4 lyfe…

5.Azalea Banks needs to go away….now. 

Normally, we wouldn’t give a slot to a music artist who bases her career off of negativity and starting feuds, but this…bitch. Okay, Ms. Banks, we get it, you’re angry and you don’t put out enough (or any) good music to make you memorable, so you gotta do what you THINK you have to do to stay relevant. (?) But, saying things like, “I hate everything about this country.” and “Those little teenage girls who work at Kmart and have a racist grandma-that’s really America.” What…the…fuck. Girl, why don’t you get with disgraced not relevant diva, Natalia Kills and just go…away. No one cares what you have to say and I can’t even recall the name of any of your songs. It’s people like Ms. Banks that are the reason why the music industry is such a mess these days. How did she even get signed to a record label anyway? That’ the real burning question…



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