5 Reasons Why You Need to Be Getting Musically Lost in All Things Betty Who

There’s quite a few reasons why (5, maybe?) that Philly Mixtape loves living that “5 Reasons Why” music life. For one, writing these pieces gives us a chance to not only serve you guys up a big ol’ platter of music truth, but it also give us a chance to showcase music artists who deliver some incredible music…but might not be getting the music love they deserve from everyone. In fact, last week, we put UK songstress Ella Henderson up in the “5 Reasons Why” lab..and in a very surprising turn, her story not only landed in the top spot for most read for the month, but it’s also in the top 5 most read on the Mixtape site. Meaning that you guys really, really care when it comes to getting lost in some truly amazing talent.

Today, we are going to put another diva on the music spot, as the music of the delightful Betty Who is ready and waiting for your headphones-and your attention. I know some of  you guys are probably like, “who?,” but Philly Mixtape has been getting lost in Betty’s music for quite some time now, so it’s time for you guys to be getting lost in all things Ms. Who as well…and here are your 5 reasons why. 


1.She’s a saucy, sassy diva from down under…who looks like the love child of Pink and Robyn….

It’s no secret that Philly Mixtape has nothing but love for overseas music artists, and Ms. Who is another diva who fits in that beloved category, hailing from the land down under. Last year, I got the chance to chat with Ms. Who and her saucy Australian accent was just part of her charm, as she proved to be most delightful to spill some music tea with. Also adding to her koala charisma is that she bares striking resemblance to the love child and Pink and Robyn, and of course, I just had to ask her if people always inquired to her about that. Want to know what she said? Read this right here and prepare to fall in love with Ms. Who….

 2.Her debut album ‘Take Me When You Go’ is brilliant….

Last year, Betty released her long awaited debut set, ‘Take Me When You Go,’ and it’s nothing short of fucking amazing. From start to finish, not only does each tantalizing track showcase just how dazzling she is, but it plays out like a music dream, flowing along and taking you on a shimmering music ride. The perfect mix of light rock, ’80s and punch synths, ‘Take Me’ will not only get you all up in a music kitchen dance party, but its just light enough to bring you down at the end of a disco night. Album standouts, “Runaways,” “High Society,” “Alone Again,” the LGBT anthem, “Somebody Loves You,” and Philly Mixtape’s favorite, “All Of You,” will take your breath away…and leave you wanting more. 

3.Her sound is like nothing on pop radio right now…..

The best part of Betty, besides her dazzling talent, is that her sound is like nothing on pop radio right now. Each and every one of her tracks have a rousing and refreshing quality that radio somehow hasn’t taken notice to….yet. If you need a break from that crunchy, messy EDM(who doesn’t?) and listening to Taylor’s ‘1989’ for the millionth fucking time, I suggest you get lost in all of Betty’s music truth. I would say her music is like an ice cold glass of music lemonade on a hot summer day. Although it’s not summer yet (This weather though..), any one of Ms. Who’s smoldering sonnets will get you headed in the warm weather music direction. Go on…take a sip….it’s sooooo worth it. 

4.She’s coming to Philly soon….and you need to go….

On May 4th, Betty, along with Canadian deep house diva Kiesza, are set to destroy the stage at the TLA. Besides this concert being a double diva showdown, the show will also be loaded with talent. While Philly Mixtape hasn’t had the lovely chance to see Ms, Who in concert, (Kiesza live equals yas. #soon), you can guarantee that we will be front and center for this epic music night. Tickets are absolutely on sale and to get yours, go right here. It’s NOT to be missed. 

5.She’s got delicious eye-candy in her music videos….

The final reason to get lost in all things Betty? Girlfriend snags the most delicious eye-candy for all her fun videos. In the clip for “All Of You” she delivers some sexy, scruffy eye-candy, and in her video “Somebody Loves You,” she loads it up with more cute gay guys than you can handle. But, if there is one gentlemen that stands out above the rest, it’s the oh-so-fine hotness that stars alongside her in the video for her vastly overrated breezy tune, “You’re In Love.” One glimpse…and you will absolutely get lost…and maybe a little jealous of Betty for owning all…that…man-candy. 



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