8 Essential MØ Grooves

If you haven’t heard “Lean On,” the bangin’ banger by Major Lazer and DJ Snake, then you need to stop what you’re doing and get lost in the music. The delicious ditty grooves and wraps around you, but it’s not because of it’s infectious, yet ever so slightly slowed-down beat, but by the gripping vocals of Danish singer, MØ . Who is she? Where did she come from?! You guys are about to find out in today’s 8 essential tracks….

MØ and her friend, Josefine Struckmann, formed the punk duo MOR in 2007. They released two albums before disbanding in 2012. MØ has stated in interviews that one of her biggest role models was Kim Gordon of iconic ’90s rock group, Sonic Youth. MOR, though a bit amateurish, was a start to where her career would lead. MØ soon started working with producer Ronni Vindahl from Copenhagen, transforming herself into a more sultry and pop diva. Her single “Pilgrim” reached #11 on Danish single charts. Here is a super sexy performance of it for ‘Vogue.’

2013 was a big year for MØ. She performed for the first time on television at the P3 Danish Guld Awards and released another big single “Waste Of Time.” This song hits deeper than deep and really brings her voice and sound to the forefront. THIS is the artist known as MØ…

2013 also marked collaborations. MØ was featured on lead single, “Dear Boy,” off of Avicci’s debut, ‘True,’ under her real name, Karen Marie Ørsted. It was a harder synth pop track for her, but one that would propel her for future collaborations. 

Her last single to release in 2013, “Don’t Wanna Dance,” became Zane Lowe’s hottest record on the BBC. It showed MØ as a bad mothaf***a with an ass-shaking groove.

2014 saw MØ coming into the spotlight across the globe. Iggy Azalea’s single, “Beg For It,” featured her on vocals, which went on to be become a moderate hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. MØ also released her debut, “No Mythologies To Follow,’ in 2014. It would contain all her previous singles as well as new one with Diplo titled “XXX 88.”

“Lean On” wasn’t the first time MØ collaborated with Major Lazer. “All My Love” was co-written by her with Ariana Grande on vocals. The track was featured on the Hunger Games soundtrack. Nothing much to say about this track other than it was a primitive design for what would be to follow on ML’s and MØ’s next collaboration. Let it pop you off…

MØ just knows how to jazz it up and sing you to sleep as well….like she does on this chill rewerk of the Spice Girls smash single, “Say You’ll Be There.” 

Then there is THIS….”Lean On,” her latest collaboration with Major Lazer. After one listen, you won’t be asking who MØ is anymore. 



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