Kickstarter Groove of the Day/Nicole/Mocha/Missy Elliot/”Make it Hot”

Now, we could’ve easily put today’s kickstarter groove, the scrumptious ’98 Nicole Wray banger, “Make It Hot,” in “Forgot About Friday” land, but since it’s against music bi-laws to put anything Missy touches in that category, I didn’t want to take my chances. But, I say it’s all good because this throbbing tune has all the ingredients for a perfect “TBT” kickstarter groove. While we may never know exactly what Ms. Nicole is doing these days, as long as we have this rousing romp, we’ll never, um, forget and always throw it back when it comes to this classic joint. The best part of it all is when Missy says, “Me with no Timbaland is like Puff with no Ma$e.” Have a good laugh to that one after you get lost in THIS track….


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