8 Essential Sade Grooves

As much as Philly Mixtape thoroughly enjoys a nice dance ditty or a perky pop tune, sometimes a chill, relaxing groove is just what the music doctor ordered. To slip into that musically melancholy mode, there’s no other grooves that hit that coveted music “G” spot quite like the slowed down, sensual flow provided by beguiling UK music group, Sade. For those that may not know about this incredible music creation, Sade is an English soul band who formed in London, waaaay back in 1982. Named after their lead singer Sade Adu, their music features elements of soul, R&B, baby makin’ and jazz. In a word, if you’re looking for pure music bliss, then Sade has just the extensive music catalog for you. While we could chill-ax all day to their charismatic collection, Philly Mixtape picked out 8 essential Sade grooves that will just absolutely take you there and beyond. Get lost in the Sade mixtape below…

“Your Love Is King”

The one that started all the baby makin’ music magic….

“Hang On To Your Love”

This song will not only hang around in your heart, but in your music soul as well…..

“Smooth Operator”

If you haven’t heard this smooth number in your local dentist’s office, then clearly, you’re not going to the dentist.

“The Sweetest Taboo”

We’re going to tell you now…..this is the sweetest Sade joint ever recorded….


If you want to get transported to a magical music land far, far away, this is the one you need to get lost in….

“No Ordinary Love”

Sexy, slinky, silky smooth Sade music lovin’ at its very best…..

“By Your Side”


“Soldier Of Love”

Their last big hit, with a bombastic beat that will march straight into your heart and soul…..


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