‘Fisco Rispo Disco’ Kickstarter Groove of the Day/Third World/”Now That We’ve Found Love”

This Sunday, local DJs Jimmy DePre and John Michael Di Spirito are gearing up to bring you guys round two of their monthly event at Tavern on Camac called, ‘Fisco Rispo Disco.’ To commemorate the groove-alicious occasion, Philly Mixtape asked to the two beat buds to put their headphones together and come up with today’s kickstarter groove, and faster than you can say, “Fiscally Responsible,” they delivered the 1978 disco dream, “Now That We’ve Found Love” by Third World. Some of you may remember the classic ’90s Heavy D tune of the same name, but the blaring original is simply where it’s at, as it will not only keep you on your disco balls, but will set you right for the weekend. Judging by how excited these two extraordinary talents were in putting today’s groove together, you know Sunday is going to be one hell of a shimmering good time. If you want to get lost in all things ‘Fisco Rispo Disco,’ including their music tea spillage with Philly Mixtape, you should go right here and here. Happy ‘Fisco’ Friday, kids! 


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