Forgot About Friday/Natasha and Daniel Bedingfield

Here at Philly Mixtape, we’re all about music firsts, and today is certainly a “Forgot About Friday” first, as we will be getting lost in the forgotten about music careers of UK music siblings, Natasha and Daniel Bedingfield. For quite some time, these two crazy music kids have been off of the music radar, which is quite sad because there was a time when they ruled the music world…and were soon forgotten about. Just how are we gonna get through this? I think it’s time to get lost in the Bedingfield family “Forgot About Friday” mixtape…

Okay, let’s serve up the long lost tunes of Ms. Natasha first, since she is quite the lady. Ms. Bedingfield launched her ’04 debut set, ‘Unwritten,’ in the UK to glowing reviews and fabulous chart success, due to lead single, um, “Single,” destroying the UK pop charts. Over here, “Single” didn’t snag a chart boyfriend, barely cracking top 50, but follow up track, “These Words,” did the trick. With its fun, cheeky video and simple summertime feel, the jingle put Ms. Natasha on the music map, and she landed her first top 20 hit. That would only lead to follow up single, “Unwritten,” which really did the diva some chart good, landing not only in the top 5 U.S. chart, but in EVERY Clairol Herbal Essence commercial you could think of….

Next up, Natasha came roaring back with her follow up set, ‘Pocketful Of Sunshine,” as the Sean Kingston co-starring lead single, “Love Like This” (personally, I’ll take the Johnny Vicious mix over the original), helped our girl avoid the sophomore slump. But, as we all know, it was the albums title track that was almost too good to be true, because while yes,  it exploded on the pop charts, sadly it became the last big single for her on the Billboard front. Maybe Emma Stone’s interpretation of ‘Pocketful’  in ‘Easy A’ had something to do with Natasha’s demise…I guess we’ll never know. It should also be mentioned that Natasha’s bruise-y gem, “Bruised Water” with  Chicane should never be forgotten….

Okay, so now onto Natasha’s younger brother (She’s 33, he’s 31), Mr. Daniel. In the early ’00s, Daniel was quite the force to be reckoned with, delivering smash-after- smash single in the UK, adding #1 singles, “Never Gonna Leave Your Side” the ones that we know, “If You’re Not The One” and MOST notably, the pulsating, “Gotta Get Through This.” to his music hit roster. He’s also delivered quite a buffet of other singles, “James Dean(I Wanna Know), “I Can’t Read You” and “Nothing Hurts Like Love,” which all landed in top ten positions on the UK singles charts. 

However, sadly, much like his sister, Daniel’s music career was short lived, but he did go on to become a mega-successful UK songwriter, penning hits for UK acts Pixie Lott, Adam F, Secondcity and Spica. He also landed a judges chair on ‘The X Factor New Zealand’ in 2013. Which, come to think of it, now that (ugh) Natalia Kills and her husband Willy Moon have been kicked out of their respective judges chairs, maybe Natasha and Daniel could do them such justice? Sigh…in a perfect “Forgot About Friday” world…





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