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1. Brace yourselves….Destiny’s Child has gotten back together….for one night only….

This past Saturday night, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland and Beyonce reunited to deliver a surprise performance at the Stellar Gospel Music awards in Las Vegas. Ms. Williams, who was up for a handful of awards, took the stage for a rendition of her hit, “Say Yes.” Then, much to everyone’s surprise, K and Bey soon joined her on stage, not only making it the buzziest performance of the night, but their reunion also created quite a media firestorm of people wondering if the gals are getting together. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. To watch the performance, go right here

2.Are Madonna and Taylor new BFF’s??????

It sure looks like it. At the stage at this past weekend’s IHeart Radio Music Festival, the crowd got quite a shock when Madonna and Taylor Swift got together to sing Madge’s ‘Rebel Heart’ tune, “Ghostown.” However, their new found friendship wasn’t just for stage prescence, they even carried their love for one another on social media. First, Madonna shared her love for Taylor on Twitter saying that she was her “new favorite guitar player,” with Swift then replying, “Even with no light we’re gonna shine like GOLD!” Hey, as long as there are no kabbalah bracelets and matching “M” and “T” pendants (remember Britney and Madonna’s ’03 fling?), then we’re all on board for these newly found music BFF’s. You stay relevant Madonna…get it. 

3.Your hosts for this year’s Billboard Music Awards are……

…Ludacris and Chrissy Teigan. Luda, who played host at last year’s show, shouted out, “I had so much fun hosting the Billboard music awards last year and I can’t wait to be back!, This will be the first time hosting for Ms. Teigan,but not to worry, we all know that John Legend’s wifey that can certainly do her thing looking gorgeaus in front of a camera. The 2015 Billboard Music Awards will air on May 17th at 8pm on ABC. This is one show that you guys certainly don’t want to miss… 


4.Philly Mixtape thinks Rihanna’s new track, “Bitch, Better Have My Money” is……

.…awful. Sigh….we don’t know what’s going on with this one, but the trap-a-licious tune is just not cutting it for us. With “wtf” lyrics, “Every time I drop by, I’m the only thing y’all playing” and “Don’t act like you forgot, I call the shots.” Haven’t we heard Rihanna be THAT bitch on enough of her own tracks already like, “Hard,” “G4L” and “Pour it Up?” We have a feeling that this snoozy sonnet will fade out quicker than a a bad perm. Sorry, RiRi, we love ya….but this song….no. 


5.Jay Z relaunches ‘Tidal’ music service…..with lots of special guests….

Tidal, the high-definition music service obtained by Roc Nation/Beyonce mogul, Jay Z is gearing up for its official relaunch today, and will make its mark by serving up new releases by some A-list music names, including Kanye West, Daft Punk and Madonna. So, why should we get lost in the ‘Tidal’ music wave? For one, it’s the Jay Z connection, as his Roc Nation label is one of the most successful record labels at the moment. On the other hand, Tidal is offering a more attractive set of terms to musicians than most other streaming services-often aggreing to payouts of more of twice its rivals such as Spotify. And if you guys have started seeing the hashtag, #tidalforall, from some of your favorite musicians….that means it’s coming soon…and could change the face of music streaming service as we know it. For more on Tidal, check this out. 




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