5 Reasons Why We’re Ready for Britney, Bitch

You guys all know by now that Philly Mixtape is obsessed with all things Ms. Britney Spears. Why you ask? Well, does anyone really know why? Maybe it’s her I’m-that-bitch-yet-I-really-don’t-want-to be demeanor. Or, maybe it’s because girlfriend has been through it (no rehash needed), and has survived with flying colors. Most of all, as all of us ‘Godney’ fans know, it’s the music that makes us bow down to her…case closed. For almost two decades (!), Ms. Spears has delivered hits that are sugary sweet brazen pop tunes, that end of the day, really have no filler, but have satisfied us to the core for all these years…

Since the release of her last set, the “ugh” ‘Britney Jean,’ we’ve seen our girl looking fit, healthy and transform herself from pop diva to THAT Las Vegas bitch as her ‘Piece of Me’ residency at Planet Hollywood has been bringing home the music bacon–and then some. Since its launch in December ’13, ‘Piece’ has brought home millions, as well as a number of new contracts which will keep the show going strong. Now that ‘Piece’ has settled into a nice groove, it looks like we can get ready for all things Britney again as our beloved, yet been-through-it queen is gearing up to release her ninth studio album at some point this year. Philly Mixtape thinks we’re ready for a big Britney music comeback, but we just couldn’t do it with one….so we’ve got 5 reasons we’re all ready for Britney, bitch….

1.She’s in grand diva form again….

….well, except when she falls. This morning, video surfaced of Britney taking quite a spill while performing a dance heavy rendition of her ’99 hit, “Crazy,” during her Planet Hollywood show. Always a grand champion diva, Britney tweeted that she “had quite a scare” when she fell, but that she was “doing fine.” Besides the tumble (all the great divas fall…ahem, Madonna.), Britney has shown us recently that she looks hotter than ever, all the while taking her ‘Piece of Me’ Vegas residency to sexier new heights, complete with dazzling new costumes, new dance routines and a healthy new multi-million dollar contract. Throw in the quality time she spent with her sons Jayden James and Sean Preston while ‘Piece of Me’ was on a break, and we would say that Ms. Spears is ready to go….which is great for us.


2.’Pretty Girls’ is about to become the first official song of summer 2015…..

Always the trendsetter, Britney is on top of the summer music game this year, hyping us all up for “Pretty Girls,” her sexy new collaboration with “Fancy” rap bitch, Iggy Azalea, which is set to hit headphones everywhere on May 5th. While details on the clip and video are sealed tighter than Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, what we do know is the video for the single is all wrapped up in ‘Thelma & Louise” nostalgia lovin’ and Ms. Azalea WILL NOT be dancing in it. The best part of all this “Pretty” news is that the new found besties will perform their new tune at the Billboard Music Awards next month. (May 17th, 8 o’clock, ABC, to be exact.) If you’ll remember back to this time last year when Ms. Ariana released her Iggy collabo ‘Problem’ to song of the summer results, which ultimately ended up as the beginning of a string of hits off of her hit album, ‘My Everything.’ Hey, if the same kind of summer jump off success is on the horizon for Britney, then we’re so ready…. 

3.Because we need a hot new Britney album to wash away the pain of ‘Britney Jean’….

Let’s go back to 2013 for a moment when Britney released, “Work Bitch,” the lead single from her eighth studio set, ‘Britney Jean.’ The second she came roaring back with the sleek, expensive clip for ‘Work,’ we all thought the album accompanying it would have us putting in more work, bitch. Sadly, this wasn’t the case, as ‘BJ’ would highly disappoint fans and critics, being oversatured with and boring EDM tracks that we’re just, um, boring. With the exception of Sia’s moments on the set (“Perfume,” “Alien”), and the underrated, ‘Tik Tik Boom, ” Britney’s last set proved to be a major fail, y’all. At this point, it’s safe to say that we are beyond ready to forget about Brit’s last lackluster set as a hot new helping of Britney vocals on top of grimy beats will help wash away the pain caused by all things ‘Britney Jean.’ Meaning we don’t want to hear tracks, “It Should Be Easy” or “Chillin Wit U” EVER again….


4.Because ‘Oops…I Did it Again’ is about to turn 15….and we need some fresh Britney to make us feel young again!

Next week, Britney’s chart destroying second album, ‘Oops…I Did it Again,’ will be unlocked in the Mixtape Music Vault as it gets ready to turn…..15 next month. Not to make anyone feel old, but wtf? How is this album that old already? It seems like just yesterday we were squeezing into our red leather cat suits and getting lost in all that cheeky “Oops” choreography. But, don’t go reaching for the Botox just yet, a hot new Britney album always makes us feel younger the second we press play, and now that it’s expected to be released this summer, well. that’s like a music botox treatment, cucumber eye peel and face lift all rolled into one! 

5.Because it’s Britney, bitch…

Do you really need another reason?



Mixtape Music Vault/Headlines Edition

When it comes to the Philly Mixtape Music Vault, the possibilities are absolutely endless-and that’s the best part of it all. Last week, we got lost in some killer Billboard #1 singles along with the stories behind them, and this week, we’re going to dive a bit deeper and take a look at some headlines that rocked our music worlds 15, 25…45 years ago. Read on to find out which diva received her well deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1990, and also which diva released an album that would take her to “Marmalade” pastures. There’s also one a one-time rock force acting like spoiled brats…and just what was Tupac Shakur up to in prison? It’s all here in your headlines edition of ‘Mixtape Music Vault.’ Also, be sure to stay locked into the vault all summer long where we’ve got some delicious music treasures ready to surface, which kicks off next week in a most ‘Oops’ kind of way….

25 years ago this week, Ms. Janet Jackson received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame…

As all late-’80s/’90s kids know, Ms. Janet was at the top of her game in 1990, fresh off of her mega-successful “Rhythm Nation” tour, with a matching blockbuster album that delivered all…those…hits like, “Escapade,” “Miss You Much,” “Black Cat” and “Alright.” When Janet accepted her coveted Hollywoood star, she came armed and ready, dressed in her signature “Rhythm Nation” army get up, complete with trademark black cap and that big ol’ hoop with the key laced in it. While Janet’s preceding album, ‘Control,’ (finally) put the diva on the music map, it was “Rhythm” that not only cemented Janet’s lengthy stay in the spotlight, but it was this album and moment that catapulted her to the ranks of the iconic diva she is today. Imagine a world without Janet’s ‘Rhythm Nation 1814’ album? We shudder to think….

20 years ago this week, Tupac Shakur married Keisha Morris…..while in prison….

Oh, Mr. Pac. If you’ll remember, Mr. Shakur was riding high in 1995, raking in dough from the success of trademark single, ‘Dear Mama,’ and chart busting album, “Me Against the World.” Only thing was….Tupac reaped all of this success while serving time in prison for sexual assault and attempted murder. Always one to party it up, Mr. Shakur decided to marry his boo, Keisha Morris, while serving his infamous prison sentence. Needless to say, the marriage of Pac and Keisha was short-lived, but there will be certainly be no other music artist in our lifetime who ties the knot and tops the charts while serving time behind bars. “Dear Mama” for life….

15 years ago this week, Mya released her second album, ‘Fear of Flying’….

Long before she was a “Forgot About Friday” temptress, Ms. Mya Harrison ruled the charts, with hits “It’s All About Me,” “Movin’ On” and “Ghetto Superstar” all taking us upstairs to the music bedroom back in the day. When she released her second set, ‘Fear of Flying,’ 15 years ago this week, the pressure was on for girlfriend not to fall into a dreaded sophomore album slump like so many others before her. Did she do it? At first, not exactly as lead single, “Best of Me,” failed to gain steam, which kickstarted the album to low first week sales. But, then, out of the music heavens, a little song came along called, “Case of the Ex,” which would not only land Mya her biggest solo hit, but would lead her to collaborate with the gals on the chart destroying rewire of Labelle’s “Lady Marmalade.” You may have forgotten about this album, but if it wasn’t for ‘Flying,’ “Lady” just might have never happened….

10 years ago, Linkin Park threw all kinds of shade at Warner Bros Music….in a press release…..

10 years ago this week, rock act Linkin park made all kinds of headlines when they threw major shade at their at-the-time label, Warner Bros, in the form of a thrashing press release. At the time, Linkin Park put the brakes on plans to start work on their next album, releasing a statement concerned that WMG would be unable to live up to its  “fiduciary responsibility” to market and promote the band. The statement went on to say,  “The new owners of the Warner Music Group will be reaping a windfall of $1.4 billion from their $2.6 billion purchase a mere 18 months ago if their planned IPO moves forward. Linkin Park, their biggest act, will get nothing,” the statement reads, “Of the planned $750 million raised by an IPO, only about $7 million will be put toward the company’s own operations, with no money going to WMG artists.” During this time, Linkin Park’s camp was said to be seeking a new contract worth $60 million; where WMG offered a five-album deal at $3 million per album, sources said.  It’s no secret that 10 years ago, Linkin Park was one of the biggest new successes in rock in recent years, having sold over 35 million records worldwide since the 5 years they hit the scene. What it all comes down to is this….see you soon on “Forgot About Friday” soon, boys! 

45(!) years ago today, the Allman Brothers manager was arrested for murder…

In your “WTF?” music headlines moment, it was this day in 1970 that Twiggs Lyndon, the road manager for the Allman Brothers Band, was arrested for murder after he stabbed a club manager during an argument over….a contract. At the ensuing trial, Lyndon’s lawyers argued that he had been temporarily insane at the time of the incident and that touring with the Allman Brothers would drive anyone insane. And guess what? Lyndon was acquitted…

In more “WTF?” music news….7 years ago today, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon did THIS……

Did you really think the contract, err, marriage would last?




Mixtape Music News

1.Watch Kurt Cobain imitate Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell in new ‘Montage of Heck’ clip….

In a new teaser clip from the upcoming ‘Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck’ HBO documentary, we get to see the late Mr. Cobain sing a song……that’s not one of his own classic Nirvana jams.  In the new clip, a purple-haired Cobain is in a towel (along with Courtney Love, also in a towel, naturally.), doing his best impression of Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell on their ’91 track “Outshined,” performing the tune into a razor. The clip is short and sweet, but it certainly gives us some more insight into Cobain and Love’s personal life, as well as getting us even more excited for the doc’s official HBO release on May 4th. 

2.Diddy’s gearing up for one last tour…..whenever that is…..

Yesterday during an appearance on ‘Ellen,’ Mr. Diddy Combs make a little announcement-he plans to give up touring in the near future. The rap mogul said that when he hits the road on his next tour (which could be…whenever), it will likely be the last time fans get to see him on the road. “I’m gonna go and do a world tour. I’m not gonna hit a lot of places, but the places that I am gonna hit, it’s important for me because it’s probably my last time touring.” he shared after several shots of vodka, “I’m gonna get to see the world and know that it’s my last time touring. I wanna be here to raise my girls. So that’s the decision that I made.” Ready to see Diddy perform his hits, “It’s All About the Benjamins,” “Hate Me Now,” and “I’ll Be Missing You” live for one last time? Maybe he’ll perform this TBT gem, “Come With Me,” featuring the lovely, Nicole Scherzinger. All day with this one….

3.Jason Derulo’s  ‘Everything is 4’ track list…..looks quite fabulous!

What do Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, Stevie Wonder and Meaghan Trainor all have in common? Not a whole lot if you think about, but what they will be coming together for are hot guest spots on Jason Derulo’s upcoming set, ‘Everything is 4,’ which is set to hit headphones everywhere on June 2nd. Also along for the ‘Everything’ ride is R&B diva K. Michelle, who will appear on the track, “What You Want.” Mr. Derulo has been musically riding high these days, as his latest effort comes on the heels of last year’s string of hits that included “Wiggle” and “Trumpets,” and his latest ‘Everything’ single, “Want To Want Me,” has just cracked the Billboard Top 10, just in time for summer. Speaking of summer music, you guys should stay tuned next week when Philly Mixtape is dropping a summer music preview that is SO big….we had to do it in two parts. Stay tuned! 


4.The trailer for the upcoming Netflix Nina Simone documentary will give you music chills……

First the news of the ‘Full House’ reboot and now this?! You better work, Netflix. To gear up for its upcoming Nina Simone documentary, ‘What Happened, Miss Simone?,’ a new trailer has arrived hot off the music press. The two minute peak is the first public look at the film directed by Academy Award-nominee Liz Garbus, following its premiere at Sundance in January. The upcoming music doc tells the story of Simone’s career and tortured psyche through a never-before-seen interview with Simone and other rare interviews, including her daughter Lisa Simone Kelly, her ex-husband Andrew Stroud and her guitarist and musical director of 42 years, Al Shackman. The film (which is sure to be brilliant) will also include previously unreleased recordings and rare archival footage, which you guys will see in the trailer below. ‘What Happened, Miss Simone?’ is set to launch on June 26th.

5.Adam Lambert drops Hype Williams directed “Ghost Town’ video…..

All Philly Mixtape can say about this is……she’s back!

6.Britney takes a tumble…..

She’s fine, kids!