10 Explosive Jody Den Broeder Rewerks

If there was one overseas DJ whose remixes I fondly remember mixing into any one of my DJ sets, it’s the explosive werk provided by DJ Jody Den Broeder. It seemed as if from the mid-to-late ’00s, he got his headphones onto almost every pop radio single (and some Wynonna!), and turned them into thunderous club firestorms that would simply take you into that great disco ball of life…and then some.

However, lately, with the exception of remixing Ariana Grande’s ’13 hit, “The Way,” Mr. Den Broeder has been seemingly scarce from the remix front. But, as any true DJ knows, we never put one of our own into “Forgot About Friday” land (well, maybe a few), instead we celebrate their explosive material that had us all shakin’ our groove thang….and certainly still does today. 

Philly Mixtape opened up the coveted music vault to pick out 10 explosive reworks from the intriguing Jody Den Broeder, including his sparkling rewire of Deborah Cox’s “Beautiful U R,” his classic take on Gaga’s “Poker Face,” any one of his Rihanna rewirings, and one powerful Whitney Houston megamix that you need to get your headphones reacquainted with at once….

Deborah Cox/”Beautiful U R”


Sirens/”Club La La”

Lady Gaga/”Poker Face”

Wynonna /”Sing”



Mariah Carey/”I Stay In Love”

Christina Aguilera/”Not Myself Tonight”

Rihanna/”Don’t Stop The Music”

Whitney Houston Megamix (w/ Warren Rigg)

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