Kickstarter Groove of the Day/Puretone/”Addicted to Bass”/Different Gear Remix

Happy April, kids! Who’s ready for a brand spankin’ new Philly Mixtape month? Today’s kickstarter groove will not only set you right for your hump day, but it will absolutely get you hyped for  (maybe?) all…that…tasty weather that’s on its way. One of the things that I like to do at the start of a new Mixtape month is organize the music vault (it gets a bit messy sometimes), so while straightening up the goodies, I stumbled across the groovy Different Gear remix of UK act Puretone’s late-’90s hit, “Addicted to Bass.” Not only did I feel that special music tingle all over while diving in, but it made me tread deeper into the coveted music vault….which could only lead to fabulous things on the horizon… With that being said, get lost and get amped in today’s kickstarter groove, but also get ready for what is SURE to be an explosive new month in the Philly Mixtape world. 




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