Kickstarter Groove of the Day/Missy Elliot/Eve/’4 My People’

Words can’t describe the, um, feeling that comes over me once Missy’s delectable ditty, ‘4 My People’ starts throbbing in the system. For one, it makes me want to get lost in the album where the blazing banger came from, Missy’s ’01 ode-to-E opus, ‘Miss…E So Addictive.’ Second, the jumpin’ joint just makes me….want to get up and dance. Really, it’s as simple as that. People tease me all the time about my obsession with Ms. Missy and yes, indeed she does pop up quite often in the Mixtape World. But, I say, why the hell not? One of the reasons that Ms. Elliot is loved so much is that she just delivered some truly out-of-this-world tracks that deserve to be blasted for all of music eternity. So, here’s a glass of orange juice, go musically ‘x’ it out to Missy’s ‘4 My People’ all ‘Throwback Thursday’ long……and get back to the music. 


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