Forgot About Friday/Those Random ’90s Rock Groups

What words can we truly use to describe the music of the ’90s? How about….everything. In the beloved decade, it seemed as if there wasn’t a genre that radio didn’t grab a hold on and just turn it the f#$k out-R&B, deep house, country, pop, Ace of Base-you name it, on any given ’90s radio station you could craft the perfect mixtape. (As long as the sides didn’t run out, otherwise, it was perfection.) 

One genre that was certainly a dominating force back-in-the-’90s music day was rock. While there were plenty of successful rock acts to emerge from the grunge-y decade (Nirvana, Hole, Green Day, Bush…the dazzling list truly goes on), there were some that may have delivered just one or two electrified hits….and then quickly set up a permanent gig in “Forgot About Friday” land. In a word, for every Weezer, Live and hell, even the Gin Blossoms, there were 10 groups like The Rentals, Meat Puppets and….Better Than Ezra that were almost there, but not quite. However, here at Philly Mixtape, we’re not here to throw music shade, only to speak the truth, and these rock acts certainly spoke it…for a moment in music time, anyway. Besides, personally speaking, all of these tracks take me back to the glorious time when I used to rock my Live t-shirt that was designed after the York peppermint patty, since, you know, the group was from York, Pennsylvania. Oh, the ’90s….so clever. It’s time to get lost in your rockin’ ‘Forgot About Friday’ mixtape below….

The Rentals

Created by Weezer’s former bassist, Matt Sharp, The Rentals lasted for about…five minutes…and we’re STILL trying to figure out who the hell “P” is. Maybe you guys know…


Sometimes you can….and sometimes you can’t, especially when it comes to ‘Sucked Out” by long lost ’90s rock act, Superdrag. Remember this one? 

Meat Puppets

That name……

Better Than Ezra

How many times have you sung Ezra’s “trademark” hit, “Good,” at karaoke? Too many count, I bet….

Presidents of the United States of America

With song titles like “Lump” and “Peaches” how did these guys ever get a recording contract? Well, it was the ’90s…..


This now defunct roughed up rock group had two moderate hits, “Plowed,” and Philly Mixtape’s favorite, “Molly.”


Oasis this UK based group wasn’t….but we’ll take this classic track though…..

Buffalo Tom

Remember that episode of the classically underrated ’90s T.V. show, ‘My So-Called Life’ when Angela and Rayanne went to go to see Buffalo Tom in concert? If you don’t, after hearing this song, you most certainly will. Be still our Jordan Catalano hearts….

The Murmurs

Know what really sucks? Trying to figure out just where the hell these gals are now. And this video……

Dog’s Eye View

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