Kickstarter Groove of the Day/Boy Krazy/’That’s What Love Can Do’/Original 12″

There are many reasons why Philly Mixtape loves taking a trip to “Forgot About Friday” land every week. For one, we get to get lost in some truly great back-in-the-day jams (Lisa Loeb….classic), and two, we get to ask ourselves that sacred music question, “What the hell happened to them?” Today’s kickstarter groove is all about that “FAF” life, as we absolutely get lost in the groovy gem, “That’s What Love Can Do,” by waaaay defunct NYC based girl group, Boy Krazy. Really, where are these gals now?? For those that may not know (I have a “FAF” feeling a few of you don’t ), BK got their start in the early ’90s as a quintet after auditioning for a music management company. The first time “Love” was released in 1991, it failed to become a hit, and the music struggle got real…quick, as one of them (do you really need to know her name?) left the group. But, alas, being that THIS was the ’90s, radio airplay was extremely unpredictable, and soon the heavenly pop jingle picked up major airplay steam and eventually bulldozed its way up the Billboard pop charts. Although the girly group dismantled after their one-hit wonder danced its way into our music hearts, “TWLCD” is one hell of a pop song that should never be forgotten. 

To spice it up for your Friday, Philly Mixtape is spinning out the original ’91 12″ because for one, it’s loaded with cowbell…I mean….and all that early ’90s girl group “Forgot About Friday” harmonizing is just to die for….Enjoy! 










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